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Critical Outbreak Back-down in The Division?

I have been going into the mission at the Hudson Refugee Camp on Challenging Difficulty with the Outbreak Modifier set to Critical Outbreak, only to have the party immediately reduce the difficulty and Outbreak setting after the mission starts. I am not sure if they are trying to game the system or what, but it is annoying after the fifth time in a row I join a Challenging Critical Outbreak only to have them reduce it to a Hard Outbreak or even Normal Outbreak run. You need to go on at least Severe Outbreak to get some of the comms, so I do not know what they are up to.

I know one good group I joined a couple of days ago, as I joined I heard one of the guys say on mic, “Well, I’m not backing the difficulty down. There we go, we just need one more now.” I was highly amused by that, and at the same time delighted because I enjoy the runs on max difficulty, but it seems like there are a lot of people that do not like the difficulty of the higher settings.

I know the Outbreak contagion makes a lot of people growl on the mics during missions, because they do not like having the enemies close in and infect them to death, so I can only guess that is the reason for people backing difficulty down when I am joining. They probably already tried and failed Critical Outbreak and went back to the normal Outbreak setting instead.

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