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Dark Zone woes – Caches lost because of wrong turn

So, I work at home and during my breaks last night I played The Division. Nothing serious, just run into the Dark Zone and grab a single area of Division Tech, then duck into a safehouse or checkpoint and go back to work. As I was making my way along I ended up collecting a few items, then scrapping things to pick up better things. I realized suddenly I had nothing but caches. It has been over a year since I have had that so I was seriously thinking an evac might be a good idea. Unfortunately, the Rogues were out by then and I could see two groups harassing others. I went into hiding and logged out, did some serious work for a while, then logged back in to check the situation. Coast was clear, sure enough those early morning rogues had left for school. I went out the door and was told, “You can’t take contaminated gear out of the Darkzone,” and there was all those cache’s flicking along in a line down the screen as they were incinerated. O.O

I hissed and swore and grumbled and wished that if you had a pack it gave you some kind of “Are you SURE You want to open this door?” Warning other than a slow button hold. By the time my tired brain realized I was at the wrong door my stuff had already been yanked off my back by that dang guy in the checkpoint and tossed into the furnace.

Live and learn and go back in to grab more gear. At least I did not lose that haul to Rogues, but it’ll probably be a year before I ever have another loot lineup like that again.

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