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Division 2 Beta Signup: Hope to see you in Washington, Agents

I signed up for The Division 2 beta today and am more than a little excited at the news that the game is scheduled for launch next March. This will be a game I plan to pre-order and is one of the few games I am genuinely excited to see in 2019. I’m currently playing The Division as a means to reduce stress and am hoping to see a lot of new Agents enter New York, or older Agents return, between now and March 2019. I’ve seen a few people in the game and communities that have said they just came back from a long hiatus, and with the second game set to be released I am anticipating a boost in interest in people who had considered getting the first game since its launch.

Looking at the information on The Division 2 I am a bit torn, however, as I see Survivalist with a crossbow and I also see a Sharpshooter class. I main Sharpshooter in pretty much any game I play in, but anyone that knows me knows I am far more inclined to stealth and survival by wits than I am rushing enemies, so the Survivalist has also really caught my attention. I am hoping to be part of the beta so I can get a feel for each of the two classes and see which one I want to focus on when I get the full game.

For now I will content myself with slipping around the Dark Zone and seeing how many new players I can help get their gear out past the onslaught of Rogue Agents that are currently making the Dark Zone a nightmare. I am really hoping that since this event focuses on Rogue actions, that the next one will focus on decimating the Rogues Agents.

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