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Division Dark Zone Rogue Plague

There is a bit of a plague problem in the Dark Zone with Rogue Agents , and unfortunately I think it will only get worse over the next week. That is how long there is to go on the Rogue Agent objectives for the Dark Zone leader boards.

I am currently almost to the first tier, and that is with minimal Rogue activity by me. Most of my score comes from taking out named enemies in the Dark Zone. I have been pulled into being Rogue a few times, but I presently only have 1 Rogue kill and 1 Manhunt Survival, so the Rogue actions clearly are not required to get a decent placement on the leader boards; it is just one way to get placement.

Which is good, because I do not really care that much for playing with the Rogues, mainly because I run a sniper build so am horrifically squishy, a point that I think is getting to be known around the DZ given how often the Rogue Agents break from the person they’re after and swarm me if they notice me. I will leave the area just so I am not giving Rogues easy kills, because they should have to work for those kills, not just slaughter the easy targets like me. But then, I’ve seen more than a few people go Rogue, take me down, then go after someone else thinking they were going to get an easy kill only to discover that I’m only slightly squishier to them than they are to a properly geared up Agent. Those moments are highly satisfying to see.

I’ll be sneaking around in the Dark Zone at odd hours in the week ahead, but I’ve taken to often wearing the Commando Beret in place of my cowboy hat when I’m in the DZ, still got the leather jacket and old ratty jeans though.

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