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Division Rogues camping Extraction Points

Yesterday I noticed a new trick the Rogues in the Darkzone have started doing. It is probably not a new trick, but it is one that I had not encountered until yesterday.

My first observation of Evacuation Campers was a fellow standing up on some crates watching over an evac point with the chopper there to get loot, but there was no loot on the rope and he did not have any to be lifted out. I know he was targeting anyone that tried to use the lift because he had been a rogue agent at that same area when I had lifted things out a little while before I encountered him there.

My second encounter with evac trappers was two kids, financeranger and killinit4real666. I was up bebopping around looking along the furthest north wall when I saw a chopper call at the evacuation point up there. I did not have anything worth taking out, usually all I have is junk pickups anyway, but I had seen another player in the area. We had passed one another a few times, saluting one another each time. I thought maybe they were trying to evac out, so I went down to help them get their stuff out.

I walked into the area and saw financeranger, not the person I had seen before. I moved a bit slower, watching him and the guy behind him. Then killinit4real666 spoke up on his mic, “We got one, we got one.” I heard a “Whew, we got one.” from financeranger as I moved back out, and something else from killinit4real666, but missed what they said as I was moving back up topside.

But, yeah, uh, no.

(I have a screenshot of them that I was going to post here, but for some reason I can’t get it uploaded.)

The two were baiting in players so they could take their gear. I backed out and left them there. Went over to the checkpoint and teleported down to another area. Which shows how literal junk my pick was, did not matter to me that it was lost in teleporting.

Rogues are a part of the Darkzone, it’s not something that will change despite how I think it could be improved to be a bit better for those who are casual players trying to get better gear, but I have no patience for the Rogues that can only succeed by moving in packs of 8 or sneak ambushing people at evac zones. Those two types are a bad mark on good rogue agents. And yes, there are good rogues out there. I’ve had more than a few folks I have encountered in my helping people get gear out who will help lower level players lift out their stuff, then salute them, go rogue and let the poor sap have a head start before chasing after them as the player tries to escape the rogue. Or will pop them once with an extremely low end sidearm to assure they are not killed, let them get some distance, then the hunt is on. But just finding a solo player, that is struggling to get gear, and going 8 level 99’s vs one lvl 45? That’s not rogue agents, that’s just immature jerks laughing as they harass new players to the point the new player quits even going to the Darkzone, if not quits the game completely.

I know there are folks out there who find their fun in making people quit games, even people with the mentality that they have played the game long enough that it is theirs alone and any new person needs forced to quit playing it, but that is not a healthy mindset to have in a game if you ever want the game developers make a new game or if you want the server to be kept online.

New players mean new people buying the game, which means the game survives longer. Instead of chasing the newbies out, the long-time players should help and encourage them so the game thrives.

And if ya see the cowboy sniper show up at your evac, don’t worry, I’m just there to try to help you get your loot out. And if you let me get mine out, well… I won’t mind if you want to go rogue after the evac and see who’s faster through the mean streets of the Darkzone. Just play nice at the evacs, and don’t t-bag me or dance like a moron if you win the fight, and I’ll laugh it off and probably even compliment you for a good chase.

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3 comments to Division Rogues camping Extraction Points

  • DZNoob

    Great read. This is too common for me. After a hard fight for some gear as a low level. I quickly head to a Dark Zone Extraction point to call a chopper or to one in which a chopper has been called. If one has been called, I see a lone agent fighting off mobs of enemies and then I proceed to help them (in most cases heal them as well) as we prepare for the chopper to land. In some cases they attach their loot, in other cases they dont. Anyways, once my loot is attached, about 30 seconds prior to chopper takeoff, his buddy(s) come out of nowhere and start cutting the rope. Meanwhile the first agent I was with goes rogue and starts firing on me. His buddy(s) then join in and the t-bagging begins over my huddle bleed out state. Very frustrating. In the case of me initiating the extraction, once it’s 30 seconds till chopper takeoff, a gang of agents comes in, turn rogue, and the same result.

    • admin

      I will often wait until 10 seconds left on the timer, the stuff can still be put on the rope at 6 seconds left to go. That reduces the time they have to cut the rope down to as low as possible if not negates it entirely.

      • DZNoob

        Appreciate the 10 second tip. To clarify why that also doesn’t work, if I don’t attach a loot around 30 seconds and instead wait till 10 seconds remaining, I’m dead regardless, as they will turn rogue on me in that 30 second to 10 second timeframe, take my loot and attach it to the chopper for themselves.

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