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How to Get Masks During Outbreak in The Division

I’ve been playing the Outbreak Global Event on The Division and it seems like there are a lot of people who are confused about how the mask acquisition works, so I have put this post to help people figure out how to get each of the three masks.

Clean Up on Outbreak Trench Mask

This one is fairly straightforward. You just need to kill off Cleaner Bosses. The big tough guys at the ends of the missions. I’m not sure if cleaner bosses in the Dark Zone count, but someone said the ones in West Side Pier endless wave missions count for it. I have not confirmed either one, I mainly go for the ones in Hudson Refugee Camp because that is easiest place to get the shotgun head-shots. (more on that below)

Need An Aspirin? CBRN Mask

The one that seems to confuse people the most is the Need An Aspirin, mainly because people do not understand the marking system. The game has a marking system that allows you to tap up on the D pad to cause enemies to pulse, but when they say Marked Enemy in this event they mean that you need someone to shoot the enemy in the head, then you shoot them in the head. This is a true sniper’s mission because you need a spotter to mark the target, then you shoot them and it is an instant kill. For this mask you need to find someone who has a mic and can guide you to the targets they are marking, or you just have to be persistent and watch for the marks to appear. Some last for only a half a moment, others for a few seconds, but if you’re quick you can follow up on other’s head-shots to get these even without a buddy playing spotter on a mic. You’ll need to go into one of the missions and set the difficulty of the outbreak to Critical Outbreak, then just watch for a blue or orange box to show up near the enemy level indicator next to their health bar. If you get a clean head-shot while that head-shot marker is up then it will count for the mask.

Too Close for Comfort Chemist Mask

This one is not that difficult to  work toward. You need to go into an Outbreak Mission and set the difficulty to at least hard, then set up Severe or Critical for the contamination level. I take the Showstopper, but any shotgun will work. Go into Hudson Refugee Camp and in the last area there will be multiple waves of chargers with ax and shield, they swam in through where you entered the level at. Go to the right when you drop down and up onto the platform. Set up a flame turret to stop the ax men as they come up the stairs, then stand at the back of the opening aiming down or at the top of the steps aiming back down them and aim for head-shots on the ax wielders as they pause to swat out the flames.

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