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Shades Goes Rogue

Since today was my birthday I decided to spend it how I wanted to… by playing videogames. I spent the whole day playing The Division, and during that time I got into a group with some folks that went Rogue. It was not the first time I’ve been in a group that suddenly went Rogue, but I decided to go with it. First time ever the little popup on the screen said Rogue agent ShadesDaughter killed someone. The guy rather had it coming, since they had been going Rogue before that and harassed me earlier on, and they were clearly really tough and going after lower geared folks, so I considered it to be a situation of going Rogue to bring a Rogue agent hiding in the ranks to justice.

Later on I got into a party with a fellow that had gone Rogue against my team, and me him and a couple others got to a level 5 manhunt and cleared it. Sort of made me wonder what the fuss was about, sure it gives you a few boxes, but they were not anything I could not get easier without the manhunt and just extracting loot.

Overall it was fun, mainly because we were in mics and having fun talking more than anything, but it has made me contemplate going Rogue more, so… if you see me in the DZ and I am wearing a mask rather than just the filter, I might be hunting double agents and there is a chance I may go Rogue if my group does. Better odds, though, I’ll just take off and try to survive it, but it will depend on the situation.

Was overall a good way to spend my birthday, though.

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