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Tom Clancy’s The Division Guides

I’ve started playing Tom Clancy’s The Division again and decided to go back to making walk-throughs and guides for the game, both here and on my YouTube channel if my internet connection will allow me to upload the videos.

At the moment I am doing a lot of gathering of Division Tech out of the Dark Zone, so my first batch of guides are going to focus on how to get into the Dark Zone, find the Division Tech, and get out before the Rogue Agents can catch you.

Rogue Agents are a major problem in the DZ lately, and today they have been the worst I’ve seen them in a long while. Earlier, when I was trying to just go from a Safe House where I had logged out last night to the Dark Zone exit, I had a situation where I stepped out of the door of the Safe House and into a pack of eight tier three rogues – two full teams running together. I should have headed back inside, but I went ahead and booked it, unfortunately into a dead-end alleyway. It was annoying, but I re-spawned at the Checkpoint out of the DZ and hopped up to the one I wanted to be at for a Division Tech harvest.

Unfortunately there is an event going on for the next few weeks that is actually encouraging people to go rogue in the Dark Zone, making it even more irritating than usual to try to do anything in there. I really wish that when they had set up the fix a while back to make it so that people had to opt-in to going Rogue they had instead set it that people had to opt-in to being targets of Rogue Agents. I know it’s supposed to be a “Anyone could go Rogue” tension area, but it would not have hurt anything at all for there to be an option to not be the target of everyone that outranked you (and most of the ones that you outrank), just so you can gather some Division Tech or explore the Dark Zone. Not everyone wants to gather a group before hopping into the DZ for a few minutes.

In fact, there is actually still a mission in the DZ that I have not done simply because I don’t want to deal with the Rogues while trying to have an immersive gaming experience. (And no, a 12 yr old shooting me in the back while I am fighting a Named Boss, then T-bagging over top of my character’s body, is not the reason I bought the game.)

One solution that I think would be reasonable would be for the targets of Rogue Agents to actually be able to enter safe areas. Being shot at by a Rogue Agent, however, is considered PVP, so they will not let you into any safe areas if you are being attacked by a Rogue Agent. So, even if you can get some distance, unless the Rogues give up there is no way for you to get away from packs like the one that was harassing everyone in the DZ today. And those guys will guard spawn locations, waiting for you to step back out of a Safe House or entry area.  This means if you are trying to do something (like your daily Dark Zone mission), and don’t have the time to come back later, you miss out on that stuff. For that reason, if I see Rogues after someone, I will usually try to help the victim, but that often just leaves me also being killed by the Rogue Agents because of the 4 to 1 battle it tosses me into.

So, yeah, my wish for The Division is still some way to balance out the Dark Zone so it is a bit more forgiving to the more casual players that can not get anything done in there because of limited play time and Rogue Agents who ether ambush them when they are busy fighting, or join a group only to leave as soon as everyone has their stuff at the Evacuation area; killing former team mates and taking their loot. I know a lot of people who stopped going to the Dark Zone entirely because of the trouble they had in there with Rogues, leaving them unable to get good gear, which usually caused them to quit playing the game. And that is a shame, because the Division is such an awesome game and while the “Anyone can turn against you” of the Dark Zone is fun, it is also causing a lot of players to leave the game to play other games that have better places to gather endgame gear.

Enough of my complaints about the Dark Zone and Rogue Agents, though, time for me to do my little part of helping my fellow Agents and start working on a guide to where to find the Division Tech, and how to secure it and get out alive before the Rogue Agents find you.

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