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Return to Final Fantasy XIV

Things have been really rough in my life in recent months, but I have decided that I am going to do the best I can to find relaxation where I can and one of the places that I have found the most solace (as well as perhaps the most heartache not related to everyday life), has been Final Fantasy XIV.

Those who know me, and my characters there, will know that I have a few characters spread across a few servers, but most often I can be found on Balmung server playing on either Krys’a or Tris’tan.

Given how harsh life has been this year, I placed serious consideration into giving up the game. $14 a month for a subscription is a lot of money when I am barely scraping by one day to the next and struggling just to keep myself fed and the power and Internet active. But then I stopped to consider it a little more. 

Five Years and a Lifetime

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV for a long time now. The game is getting ready to celebrate their fifth year anniversary, and I started playing it a bit under a month after the launch of A Realm Reborn. I would have started playing it sooner, but sale of the game on the PlayStation store was halted and I was unable to get to town to purchase a physical copy of the game until the beginning of September 2013.

My love for Final Fantasy goes back decades, to the original game released oh so long ago; which I stayed up well past dawn on multiple evenings to play. I have spent a good part of my life loving the worlds of Final Fantasy, so I know that I will still love the world for as many years as remain to find adventures in it.

Moving To Balmung

After about a year of playing, I found myself considering whether or not to continue playing the game. That was when I realized that it was well suited to be the backdrop for roleplay. A brief search online brought back a number of results that indicated not only the game was well suited to roleplaying, but that there were actually servers that had become unofficial roleplayer servers. The biggest, Balmung, was closed to creating new characters, so I made a character on Gigamesh. After a few weeks of playing on that server (and finding it hard to find anyone else that was actually roleplaying there), I found out that I could transfer a character onto Balmung.

Stepping onto Balmung for the first time was something very new to me. Up until Final Fantasy XIV, I had not played MMOs since the early 90’s. I had not been exposed to the world of roleplaying online for at least 10 years. So to step into an open area like the Quicksand in a MMO and be surrounded by people who were not just playing the game and RPing, but who were interacting and holding a full-scale, drop-in drop-out, living city roleplay session … I knew that I would be happy playing Final Fantasy for years to come.

Ups, Downs, and Everything In Between

Things were not easy, in either life or the world of the game. As things shifted between going well and situations that left me spiraling into depression in my life, I was also experiencing both high points and depression-inducing pains in the gaming community.

A few times the drama that builds within groups hit the point where the groups I gamed with dissolved entirely. Stress from the lives of the players behind the characters caused misunderstandings and hurt within groups that left things in turmoil. Add in people that left the game to deal with things in their own lives and my time in the game has been a steady shift from one group to another in search of a group of roleplayers with which to build stories together.

Unfortunately, the search was made rather complicated by the story I had crafted for Tris’tan, making him a difficult character to find a group that he could fit in with for very long.

My own life hit a bad period at the end of 2017, and while I was absent the group I played with all sort of went their own directions because of various reasons. This left me questioning if I should even return to the game.

Old Favorites, New Characters, and More Stories to Tell

In the end I decided that I love my characters too much to just toss them aside. I will be looking for new people to play with, but until I have found them I have decided that I will continue the adventures of both Krys’a and Tris’tan as well as begin fresh adventures with a new character or two.

As part of my return to the world of Final Fantasy XIV I will begin creating short stories based on my characters, stories that I will share in a special area here at Phantascene.

I did some looking and found the Materials Usage Licence for Final Fantasy XIV, which outlines:

“The use or distribution of the Materials from Final Fantasy XIV and/or Final Fantasy XIV-related services, on your or third party homepages, blogs, social networking services.”

The guide is specifically about the use of material by those creating videos connected to Final Fantasy XIV, however, in the absence of finding information specific to the creation of stories (fanfiction), I am going to adhere to the guidelines of the above usage licence in the creation of stories about the characters I have created in the game.

Why Create Stories?

As I said, I have spent years creating the characters of Krys’a and Tris’tan, and in that time I have come to love those characters and the world in which they were created.

I want to explore the characters, and with the generous permission allowed by Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd, I am able to turn my love for my Final Fantasy XIV characters into exercises of writing to expand my skills as a writer.

I love writing, I can not imagine not writing, and I know that I am not alone in my love for finding unique adventures beyond the official stories of the game. So this is my way of giving back to my fellow fans that have helped make Final Fantasy a series to be loved over the years and a game which I hope will be a source of relaxation and refuge to me and fellow fans of the series for many years to come.

These stories are my own little peeks into what the world is like for my characters, and I would dearly love to know where I can find the work and adventures of others who create stories – especially if the characters pay a visit to my FC in the game, which will play a strong role in the stories I write.

So please, bear with me as I work to create stories and share the adventures of my characters. Offer feedback on the stories if you feel a desire to, including criticisms of my writing. A strong motivator to me for creating and sharing these stories is to improve my skills as a writer, so feedback on what I am doing is greatly appreciated.  And finally, please understand that, should it be brought to my attention that these stories, in any way, fall beyond the scope of use permitted by Square Enix Holdings Co,. Ltd. then I shall comply with any request by Square Enix to remove them from the site.

FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010 – 2018 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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