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Dragon Hunter: Rough Outline of Main Plot is Finished

I finished the main plot for the rough outline of Dragon Hunter and I have to say that it felt so nice to type -FINI- at the end of the page and feel content that I had a ending that I would be able to work into something that I will be happy with.

I’m not that good when it comes to endings, so I am really happy to have got this one sorted out so well while I was working on it. I’m in the process now of going through and putting the scenes onto 3×5 index cards so I can see exactly how many scenes I will end up with.

I have just over 16 pages wrote out in longhand on college ruled paper, so that should give me a lot to work from. Each scene is planned to run between 650 and 1,200 words, since that seems to be the average I have been writing on scenes in other things lately. The finished book is planned to be approximately 50,000 words and to be to finished first draft stage by December 31, 2018.

At the moment I am basking in the happiness of having wrote, in two days, an outline for a main thread in a novel that I feel can be molded into a good plot with a bit of help from my friends.

Time to get back to the scene cards.

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