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Essential Tremor

My grandmother’s hands and head shook because of essential tremor, which I know my Aunt Phyllis and my mom both inherited. I’ve spent my life knowing that one day I would most likely get it as well.

A few moments ago I picked up my pen to continue working on my scene cards and something was wrong. My hand seemed to be unable to actually write without a small twitch that caused the words to be hard to read. Sort of a flinch up and down like a heart rate readout I suppose.

It is different from how my mom’s handwriting looked in that my mom’s writing was back and forth twitches, this was like my hand wanted to write the letters on the line above where I was writing them.

I know that essential tremor starts in the hand later in life, so I went to look on the Mayo Clinic website, where it says that essential tremor, the variety of which I may develop is known as familial tremor, usually develops after age 40, but that there is only a 50% chance to get it if only one parent had the gene. It has been a long time since my Biology 101 class in college, but I think there may be a chance I won’t actually develop it.

So, what about that hand tremor? Well, Between when I was writing earlier and when I Just tried to write and had issues I did have 98% of the stress I have been under lifted off my shoulders- so maybe it is a stress crash like an Adrenalin crash that is causing the difficulty in writing?

I forget how old my mom was when her hand began to shake, but maybe since I am almost 50 it means that it is not essential tremor? Will just have to wait and see.

Kathrine Hepburn once said that she treated her tremor with alcohol, maybe I can keep mine in check with chocolate? I’ll try that.

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