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QWERTY vs Dvorak Keyboard Layout

I feel weird, and like I’ve made a horrible decision, but I am hopeful that this will get better quickly… or maybe I’ll at least not seriously regret what I’ve done.

So, what have I done? I have set my keyboard to the Dvorak layout, and am learning to type all over again. It is not easy and I am currently going far slower than hunt and peck, but I’m also starting to get used to where the keys are.

So, let’s see if this old dog that has typed on a QWERTY for 40 years can learn new tricks, or if I snap and rip my keyboard apart to put it back how it was. And that is what it would take, because I literally pried the keys off and put them in new positions based on the Dvorak system.

I can say my right wrist hurts, but I think that is from my determination to maintain good homekey positions while I relearn the keyboard.

This is going to be glorious or a disaster, or a glorious disaster.

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