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Stressful Evening so I Worked on Stuff

I spent the night stressed out to the point I kept getting stress headaches, so since it was also really cold in my bedroom I ended up staying awake all night. As I write this it is 5:44 am and I am wrapped in a fleece lap blanket listening to a few episodes of Supernatural from my season 2 DVDs play on the TV across the room.

Turns out that I need to figure out how to come up with about another $250 to make the bills all stabilize for another month, so the stress is hitting hard.

I spent the night working on the rough outline for the story I hope to have a finished first draft of by December 31st. Got 10 pages written out in longhand on college ruled paper, so at least the night was not a complete bust.

Now if I could just get some sleep without having a panic attack when I try to lay down.

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