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Broken Time

I took a stroll around the web to browse a few other game dev websites as part of my goal to have this website fully re-built by January 1, 2019. This stroll led me to the Game Career Guide website, a property of Gamasutra, and my attention was caught by a challenge they posted this past Tuesday:

Game Design Challenge: Just in Time

Anyone that knows me will likely know that theme is right up my alley, so of course I decided to take a closer look. After perusing the posting I clicked on the link to visit the forum where they said to go and found…

Welcome to the Game Career Guide Forums.

Unfortunately, this forum has been locked as of 1st September 2017. I would like to thank to all of those that have participated in the many years this forum has been active and a special thanks to all the volunteer moderators and admins.

Uhh… wait, what?

I went back and double-checked the post and, sure enough, the challenge had been posted just two days ago, but it looks like they might have broken time. Or expect the entrants to do so.

I’ll still be participating in the challenge so, if anyone else is feel free to use the comments here or the Phantascene Discord server in lieu of the closed Game Career Guide forums.

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