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What Happened to the Country? What to know before you play The Division 2 (Spoilers for The Division)

NOTE: This article contains spoilers for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

There has been a lot of debate about what happened to the world beyond the playable areas in Tom Clancy’s The Division when the virus turned pandemic after it was released in Able’s on Black Friday.

The unfortunate news is that the rest of the country fared no better than New York did, and the evidence is easily found in the game or heard by listening to the radios that are scattered throughout the safe houses and other locations in the game environment.

The first evidence is found it the opening sequence.

This still from the opening sequence clearly shows that by Monday afternoon there were major outbreaks in Washington state, California, Miami, Mexico, on both coasts of South America, Morocco, London, Moscow, Cape Town, Moscow, Tokyo, and many other locations all around the world. The United Nations has, by Cyber Monday, called an emergency summit to try to figure out what to do in the face of a global crisis that has hit every continent. The game shows up front that the virus escaped Manhattan long before the Agent arrived there.

The radios confirm this within the game. They play a series of pirate radio podcasts called “Wouldn’t You Know It?” that are put out by conspiracy theorist Rick Valassi. As the game progresses the podcasts change and the situation the city is facing is explained by Valassi through his podcast.

In one episode, later in the game, Valassi releases the following podcast to the airwaves:

Heard about Houston, New York? Heard about Detroit? Heard about Pittsburgh, PA? 

And not that we haven’t had our hands full here – we are the epicenter, after all – but it’s probably fair to say we’ve been so preoccupied with making it through the grindhouse flick we’re in, we just assumed the rest of the world would be there waiting for us at the end.

Not. So. Fast.

New numbers released today on the DCD website look shitty. Boston. Philly. Chicago. Atlanta, San Francisco, and LA. Infection numbers are through the roof.

You got martial law being enforced by state and national guards in every city in America. Interstate trucking disrupted, food’s not getting delivered, food riots daily across the country. Hospitals are overloading. No emergency services, ’cause the first responders have left to go help in bigger cities, like ours. Power grids up and down, just like that.

So, what’s my point? My point is, you’re like me. You’ve been telling yourself the world you know is waiting for you on the other side of this mess.

But here’s the thing. What if it’s not?

The dollar flu that swept across the city of New York would have escaped not only on travelers that left the city, but it might have been possible it could have spread via contact with parcels that were bought and shipped across the country.  I am not a virologist, and have no working knowledge of how a virus such as the Dollar Flu would have been transmitted, but however it spread it is a fact stated in the game that the virus escaped New York and martial law was declared as the food, power, and emergency services across the nation were crippled.

By the end of the game a cure was discovered, and sent to persons in a position to mass produce it and get it distributed, but the Green Poison left the country, and no doubt the entire world, in crisis as local governments fell and groups like the Last Man Battalion, The Cleaners, and The Rikers all stepped up to seize power in other locations all across the world.

Valassi expresses the concerns of his listeners in one of the final radio podcasts of the main story line:

You are listening to Rick Valassi and “Wouldn’t You Know It,” the best, if not only, paranoid pirate radio podcast in the tri-state area. So you got that going for you, which is nice.

So, folks have been asking me about the federal government, what the state of things is, et cetera. Basically wanting me to reassure them somebody is still in charge. But I can’t. 

I mean, are there provisions for “continuity of government” in a crisis? Sure. Realms of classified documentation? Yes. Top-secret mountain fortresses impregnable to any attack with a conventional nuclear biological? You bet!

The question is, is it working? Is it functional? Are there still people running the federal government, and if so, who, and where, and are they answerable in any way to the people in the republic for which they stand?

I mean, we all know what they’re telling us. We see the video footage. We download the official statements. But let’s be clear. Their top priority is to keep us calm while they try to figure out what the motherfuck to do about all this, ’cause in case you ain’t been outside since Turkey Day, the one thing we can be pretty goddamn sure of is they really haven’t nailed it down so far.

Not that I blame them. It’s such a fucking mess out there, I’m amazed we haven’t all turned into cannibals yet. Yet. 

Just give it time.

That is the world the Agents will be stepping out into in The Division 2.

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