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What is the Dollar Flu? What to know before you play The Division 2 (Spoilers for The Division)

Note: This article contains spoilers for Tom Clancy’s The Division

The so-called “Dollar Flu” is a virus that was made by Dr. Gordon Amherst in the days leading up to Black Friday. A highly skilled virologist, Amherst believed that humanity was going to destroy the planet and it was only through a strict reduction of humanity to a sustainable level that the planet could be saved.

Amherst felt that the marvels of modern medicine had created an imbalance, so took it upon himself to create a new strain of smallpox that would have a rapid spread rate and be as lethal as he could make it. A helping hand to Mother Nature to get around the antibiotics and antivirals that had allowed humanity to go so long without a global pandemic.

Amherst spoke with other virologists, including Dr. Vitaly Tchernenko, and used the information he gathered, which included the DNA of viruses that included smallpox, to create the virus that would be known by several names, including: The Green Poison Virus and The Dollar Flu.

In The Division, Gordon Amherst used bits from other viruses, such as H1N1, Ebola, Marburg, Dengue, and Hantavirus, to modify the base code of smallpox and make it not only incubate faster, but to be highly contagious during the incubation period.

Echos in Abel’s department store shows that Amherst went to several stores on Black Friday and claimed his bank cards were not working, paying for his purchases with cash that had been tainted with the virus.

Amherst knew his virus would possibly kill him, along with billions of others, but he considered it an acceptable chance when the virus was, in his mind, the only way to save the planet from humanity’s overpopulation.

The cure for the virus was discovered at the end of the game by Dr Jessica Kandel, who tells the Agent that she has sent it to persons more able than her. She expresses concern, however, that the world would not be able to survive another such event.

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