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Who is Jessica Kandel? What to know before you play The Division 2 (Spoilers for The Division)

NOTE: This article contains spoilers for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

First and foremost, Dr Jessica Kandel is not a people person. She admits that in a comment about her ex having told her that she was better with viruses than with people.

She is a brilliant virologist, however, and guides the Agent through the search for the things she will need to find a cure; including a sample of the original virus from a contaminated bill to be found somewhere in Abel’s, Gordon Amherst’s notes from Amherst’s apartment, survivors with antibodies in their blood at the Hudson Refugee Camp, and the data from the computers at the Russian Consulate.

Her lack of good people skills is highlighted at the end of the Russian Consulate mission, when told that Vitaly was taken by the LMB and Rogue Agents, Jessica responds with an “eh” and says how she has his data, so does not really need him, yet.

By the end of the game Jessica has succeeded in her effort to find a cure for the virus and tells the Agent that she has sent it to people more able than her. She also offers the Agent a cautionary warning that if something like that virus happens again, humanity won’t survive it.

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