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Who is Vitaly Tchernenko? What to know before you play The Division 2 (Spoilers for The Division)

NOTE: This article contains spoilers for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Dr. Vitaly Tchernenko is a Russian virologist that finds himself caught in New York during the lock down after the viral outbreak gets out of control. Through various recordings and other clues spread throughout the city, the Agent discovers that Vitaly deduced that someone created a modified virus based on the smallpox virus.

In one recording, Vitaly says that a weaponized virus was what he had been trying to defend against and that he recalls having had a long talk with Gordon Amherst about it. He concludes the recording by saying:

The consul will not allow me to contact the DCD and share what I know. They say soon we are leaving the United States. That I am so close to being able to help yet so far makes me angry. And terribly sad. I still have heard nothing from Dr. Amherst. I fear the worst.

The Agent is eventually tasked with going into the Russian Consulate to extract Vitaly, a mission that is complicated by not only mercenaries working for the Last Man Battalion (LMB), but First Wave agents that seek to get to the virologist for their own reasons.

Locating the server room the Agent initiates a download of all of Vitaly’s research to the labs at the base of operations, that had been set up in the postal building. The data is stopped by someone using SHD tech – the technology used by Division Agents.

During their run through the consulate the Agent overhears Hornet, the man that stopped the data transfer, inform the LMB on site that they are not fighting JTF (Joint Task Force), it’s Division Agents and he is on his way to get Vitaly.

In the end the Agent must watch as Vitaly is taken away by the Rogue agents and LMB soldiers in a helicopter. This leads the Agent to the General Assembly and a confrontation with the main force of the Last Man Battalion and their leader, Colonel Bliss, in an effort to rescue Vitaly.

Inside the UN building the Agent finds an Echo in a conference room where Rogue Agent Arron Keener is directing LMB soldiers and has control of Vitaly. A few moments later the Agent overhears a very upset Bliss declare Keener a backstabbing traitor and ordering his men to hunt Keener down.

The Agent does not manage to secure Vitaly, but, for what it’s worth, they do defeat the leader of the Last Man Battalion.

As of the end of The Division the whereabouts of Vitaly are a mystery. Some claimed that Vitaly is the body the Agent sees in the stairwell at the Russian Consulate, however, that is clearly not Vitaly, because Vitaly is seen in the UN with Arron Keener in the echo the agent finds in the conference room.

All evidence indicates that, at the end of The Division, Aron Keener took Vitaly and left New York.

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