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FFXIV Starlight Event Seasonal Items

Starlight Celebration is back in Eorzea and it brings a new indoor tree and treats.

From December 17th through December 31 you can go to Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre in Old Gridania and start the level 15 quest to attain the Choir Robes, Hat, and Shoes. By doing the Choir event, a mini game where you tap a button as the image of a diamond shrinks to meet an inner diamond on the icon, you can earn event tokens that are redeemable for a limited edition orchestration scroll (5 tokens), a silver Starlight tree with mini plushies adorning it (10 tokens), a glowing snowman housing item (5 tokens), opened twinkle boxes, and a basket of festive donuts (3 tokens each).

The Choir robes are a dyable item, and can look quite nice as a glamor robe for healers.

Note that when you consume all of the donuts you are left with a nice basket with a white cloth in it, which can be a very useful decorating item on it’s own.

I do wish that the tree had been a classic elegant white tree similar to the classic green one from a past event, but I did find a good use for the tree.

I set one up in the corner of the Maelstrom Records office I set up at my small house on Balmung and made a Toys For Orphans donations tree with opened boxes and toys under it and a table in the corner with more opened boxes and a few toys “being wrapped”. (If you want to see it check it out at Mist, ward 7 plot 11 on Balmung. – it’s an open RP spot for anyone to do RP at if they need to visit the Maelstrom’s records office – or if you want to do some random toy donations the tree will be up through the first week of January.)

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