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FFXV Road Trip Scrapbook: Necessary Notes

Final Fantasy XV has been described as Road Trip Simulator and I can not argue with that description. So far the game is well worth the price and the month long download that it took for my roommate and me to load the game onto his system.

Due to the nature of trying to compile a play through in this manner, there is a lot of stuff that either got left out or forgotten in this Let’s Play. For the best experience you can shop for Final Fantasy XV, and other games, at Amazon and share your own adventure and experiences in the comments on this website.

This journey begins where all journeys begin… at the beginning.

Or does it?

When the game is first started up there is a brief view of action to come where you play a much older Noctis as he and his friends encounter what appears to be a rather tough foe.

This is just a teaser, however, and like waking from a dream the game hops back to a young Noctis and his retinue about to set forth on their journey.

I warn the reader that my perspective on things is perhaps not entirely accurate, and this is in many ways very intentional. I have certain things I like and do not like in stories, and when left with any room to rethink a situation, I will often go the route of what my rather active imagination decides to fill in.

The first point where my own views asserted themselves was on Noctis Lucis Caelum’s pending wedding to Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret of Tenebrae. I perceived this as less of a marriage of love and more of a political arrangement. The two have known one another since childhood, and it is clear that she has fallen in love with Noct, but… I found it hard to actually see Noct as loving Lunafreya. It is possible that he had or has a crush on her, but I see his perspective more of a close childhood friend that he lost touch with, but still cares deeply for. There is some reference in the game to the wedding having been a part of the peace treaty, and while Noct’s bodyguard, Gladiolus Amicitia, makes several comments pertaining to how much Noct loves Lunafreya and is looking forward to the wedding, Gladiolus also non-too subtly seems to support Noct having some kind of romantic involvement with Gladiolus’ younger sister Iris. In fact, to me, the comments that Gladiolus makes about Noct and Luna seem more like he is trying to help Noct accept that he is going to be married off for the good of the kingdom; rather Noct likes it or not.

In addition to the above perception on Gladiolus Amicitia, I have come to see him as having taken on the role of combat tutor for Noct. Noct knows the basics of combat at the start of the game, but it seems to me that Gladiolus becomes not only Noct’s body guard, but his combat trainer from the moment that Gladiolus realizes that things have gone wrong.

Prompto Argentum needs no special explanation because I do not think I made any mental changes to him. Where Ignis and Gladiolus were assigned to accompany Noctis on his journey, Prompto is along for the sole reason of being Noctis’ best friend.

Ignis Scientia diverges perhaps the most in my mind from the basics that are given in the game. The game defines him as being a retainer tasked with caring for Noctis since they were small children (Noct 4, Ignis 6). He is identified as nothing more than a chef and chauffeur for the group, driving the car and assuring they eat nutritious meals. This… did not sit well with what my imagination kept seeing in the character. For one thing, as a cook, Ignis is as skilled with knives as Eliot Spencer from Leverage:

“Hold a knife this way, dice an onion. Hold a knife this way, slice through eight Yakuza in four seconds.”

Eliot Spencer, Leverage, Season One: The Wedding Job

There is a gap of missing information on just how it is that many of the more specialized moves that Noctis can do as the Chosen King are able to be, to some extent, done by Ignis. It seems as though either Ignis trained alongside of Noctis when Noctis was learning those skills, or Ignis learned them in some way that is not explained and taught them to Noctis in secret, the skills only coming to light for both of them when things get bad on the road and they need to fight.

Personally, I kind of like the second explanation, given how much more skilled Ignis is at the start and how he encourages Noctis in learning the skills. He also guards Noctis a lot, sometimes more than Gladiolus does, so I have come to think of it as Gladiolus is Noct’s body guard, but Ignis is the Royal Protector assigned to blend in and be invisible, but trained to keep the prince safe as a hidden assassin. This also would explain why Ignis prefers to do all the cooking and why he’s always wearing gloves.

So, that is how things diverge in my own experience as I play through Final Fantasy XV, the biggest changes from what is stated in the game being that Noctis is not really excited to get married so secretly is glad for the delay when it happens, and Ignis was secretly trained as an assassin to act as a last line of defense in protecting Noctis.

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