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It is 2019 now, and I am starting off the new year with some resolutions.

RESOLUTION 1: Go Outside A Bit More

The first one is one that people that know me will know is a huge step for me, getting out more. I’m not going to promise to start going to town once a week or anything, just… make an effort to step out into the yard for a little while each day.

I suffer from a very extreme level of social anxiety, one that makes even stepping out into my own yard a scary prospect. Any sign of another person in the area will send me back inside, or at least to the nearest point of cover until they have passed. I can hardly even stand to be in the same room as someone else, which at times makes having a roommate a struggle.

So, my number one resolution for the new year is to start working to reverse what has come to be a major problem for me. A problem that prevents me from working or even going shopping for my own groceries.

Baby steps are first, so I worked up the courage to where I put on my coat and stepped out onto the porch and watched the fireworks that all my neighbors were setting off all around me. I missed a few hours worth of the fun, since they started around 9 pm, but by midnight I had finally convinced myself to go out and watch the display. As I write this I can still hear them being set off around me (1:24 am), but I at least got to see a few nice high big bloom aerials set off by one of my neighbors and a handful of smaller aerials that the neighbor on the other side set off.

 RESOLUTION 2: 300 Words a Day

I am also going to resolve to work more on the writing I will be eventually getting paid for. So, in the interest of making sure I get my books finished, I am resolving to prioritize getting 300 words wrote before I do any non-essential things every day. So, after waking up and getting my morning routine out of the way, I will get 300 words wrote on whatever novel I am working on before I let myself do anything that is not extremely important.

RESOLUTION 3: Build My Business

I tried last year to get my business going and a series of catastrophes, combined with never getting decent Internet, caused me to fail to get it done. My final resolution for 2019 is to make this the last year I wish I had my dream job and actually make things come together so that I can earn an income that will support me despite my inability to work up the courage to go be social with other humans.

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