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Let’s Play Final Fantasy XV Scrapbook

Given the poorness of my internet and computer hampering my ability to do things such as create videos and upload them, I have decided to go old school on my Let’s Play series for Final Fantasy XV.

Back in the early days of video games a few folks began to post information online about the games that they were playing. This phenomenon found a perfect storm in the Something Awful forums, where in 2006 users started to post full play-throughs of the games they were playing. It is uncertain where the actual term “Let’s Play” started, but it is now universally recognized as the presentation for others of one person’s experience in playing a video game.

Back in 2006 the trend was to post screen caps of the game play with commentary, much like a walk-through guide or a review, but instead of discussing game mechanics or reviewing the game, these Let’s Play presentations tended to focus on the experience of the person who played the game and could include a lot of side commentary that was unique to that person and that particular play though of the game.

By 2007 the then new platform of YouTube was being used by Let’s Play gamers to share videos of their play-throughs and a gaming phenomenon was born.

I intend to step back to those early days and create a mix of mostly images with commentary, but the occasional video where nothing else can quite tell the same story as a brief video. I hope to one day get back to the point I can post full on Let’s Play videos, maybe even do live streaming of gameplay, but for now I will be sharing my experience with Final Fantasy XV and other games the way it all began, with a screencap and some hopefully entertaining commentary on my experience road tripping with the boys.

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