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Scorpius Port


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Legendary Pains in The Division

I’m not sure what it is with some people. I joined a few Legendary missions and here are these people that are squishy as all get out and they seem to have cobbled their gear sets together with cigarette papers, chewing gum, and Popsicle sticks… yet they go in on Legendary missions (Grand Central Station in this particular case), and RUN at the enemies like they are suicide bombers.

I can only imagine what the NPC AIs are thinking as they mow this player down over and over again because the guy thinks that he can speed run at them before his team is even down the stairs from the street into the station area.

Safety tip folks… invest in a decent long range gun and stay close to your team mates as the four of you work together to move down through the area.

Oh… and watch that first door on the left. Whoever takes cover there needs to also watch for the shotgunners that cut through the showers on Legendary difficulty.

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