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A New Approach to Livestreaming on Twitch

No Resolutions, just Determination:

I did not make “resolutions” this year. They always seem to fail due to some innate “No one ever keeps them…” stigma they have. Instead, I have made determinations.

I am determined that, this year, I will pursue my dream of doing what I love for a living. I will find ways to combine writing, video creation, 3D modeling, and video games into something that can help me pay the bills.

Advanced Website Content:

As part of my new year determination to do things I enjoy for a living, I have began creating livestreams over at Twitch. This has lead me to take another look at my website and begin to adjust it so that it serves to better compliment my livestreams.

One example of these adjustments are new game guides. Begining with a Guide to Days Gone, I am creating guidebooks on my website that cover not only the content of the game, but also delve deeper into the world and science of the game. The goal is to create a guide that not only includes information that can help people who are either playing the game or wondering if they would enjoy playing it, but also includes factual information with links to trusted resources.

More than just playing games:

The same kind of informative content is being worked into my livestreams. Striving to create more than just gameplay videos or casual chats, I am working to weave information that relates to the content of the stream into each stream.

Topics covered vary from mundane conversations about travel in the real world to an area where a game is set, to the real world science behind things in game.

Is the game about zombies? Topics could include anything from the CDC’s real world Zombie Prepaedness Plan to what real world diseases might lead to a situation such as the one encountered in the game.

Is the game a science fiction game that has spaceships leaping from system to system? I love to talk about space and faster than light travel.

Whatever the game’s environment or science, there is a good chance my eclectic interests can find things to research and discuss.

Viewer Participation or Lurking:

Viewers are welcomed to participate in the discussions; either by requesting specific topics that they would like me to research for upcoming streams, or by sharing their own knowledge of topics with me and their fellow viewers in the chat.

Not everyone wants to chat, however, and I understand that. I am working to create a stream that allows viwers to settle back and listen to informative discourses on subjects that relate to their interests. (Or at least relate to a game that they are interested in.)

Lurkers, those people who enter a forum or chat room and remain anonymous, never speaking up, are the lifeblood of a community like Twitch or a website like this one. I support lurking, or using a stream to generate background noise while working.

It’s About Having Fun Playing Games:

Bottom line, it is all about having fun and playing the games that we love.

Do I want to be able to become a Twitch star that makes a lot of money? Well, it would be nice to be able to pay the bills, maybe get myself a good quality internet connection, maybe a new computer. I am a simple person, however, who lives a simple life, and as long as I can find some way for my combined efforts to pay the bills (or even a few of the bills), then I am going to be happy.

So, come along with me through worlds of fantasy and science fiction. There is much for us to discuss and action and adventure await us!

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