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Abandoned Hospital Electrical

I’ve been working on my old research hospital model I started a few years back and made an asset for it, electrical boxes to go out in the alleyway behind the research hospital.

They are not finished, but you can get a decent idea of what they look like. The door of each box is set to open, and the handles on the doors can be turned to different positions in relation to the individual doors.

Today I was looking at some images to try and find a good reference for hospital doors and ended up looking at pictures of abandoned hospitals, which lead me to discover a picture someone posted of an old electrical box from the basement of an abandoned hospital in San Francisco. So now I have a starting place for what to make for the basement when I get around to modeling the interior of the old research hospital.

For now, however, I am focusing on the outside of the research hospital and making the parts for it in small pieces, such as the above electrical box, and releasing the basic models for others to use over at Patreon on the $5 and higher support tiers. When I have finished making all of the parts I will go back over everything and fine tune it all with proper materials and everything to make it the best I can.

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