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Answers to the Why challenge

On Friday I presented the challenge:

Weekend Design Challenge: write a brief explanation of why you want to take on the chore of creating a video game.

Today you can put your answers in the comments for this post. If you already posted them on Friday’s post, that’s okay, there are no hard rules for these challenges. They are just to provide you with small tasks that can add up to the end result of designing a game of your own. (Or enhancing one you are already working on.)

My answer:

As a child I wanted to be a camera operator for films. As I grew older I began focusing more on writing. I’ve come to realize that video games are the perfect medium for sharing the stories I want to tell. For showing the worlds of my imagination in a way that let’s others not only see the world as I see it, but to also experience it in a way they enjoy.

Share your reason in the comments, and do not worry if it is not the same as my reason, if it’s longer or shorter … there are as many different reasons as there are designers and there is no right or wrong answer to this challenge, only an answer that you can put in a journal and use as a focus going forward.

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