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ArtStation Lightbox Expo Box of Mystery Challenge

The next ArtStation challenge is finally here and I am going to be diving back into things. I have entered several ArtStation challenges over the years, unfortunately life has a way of upending my plans and preventing me from having a finished project to turn in when the challenge comes to an end.

Even with those stumbles, I have learned so much about art, 3D design, and game creation in the challenges that I have been able to be a part of. Every one has not only been a way to challenge my skills, but to learn new skills and expand my knowledge of creating art, characters, and environments.

I do not enter the challenges to win prizes, I enter them to challenge myself and make myself a better artist.

The newest ArtStation challenge is going to start on June 1, 2020 and I intend to enter three of the challenge categories.

Environment Design

The environment design challenge is usually to create one or more environments that fit within the theme. Each environment is to have a callout sheet for the elements that make up the final environment. These serve as inspiration for the creation of the environment in 3D and should set the mood and provide the 3D modeler with a sense of how the environment should feel; colors, lighting, atmospheric effects.

Character Design

The character design challenge usually requires the creation of several characters that would fit into the theme. A character turnaround sheet will be needed, showing each character from several angles (front, side, back) to give 3D modelers a good idea of how the character should look and what the proportions are. There should also be a comparison chart in the case of multiple characters, to give an idea on the scale of characters in relation to one another and provide a standard scale object for the 3D modeler’s to use as reference.

Prop Design

The prop design challenge usually asks for the creation of several unique props that fit the theme and, in some way, tell a mini story about the challenge theme. As with the character design challenge, the prop challenge will require the creation of a vector sheet for each of the props, showing the prop from different angles (front, side, top) to aid 3D artists in recreating the object in 3D. And as with the environment challenge there should be a sense of mood to the artwork, giving the artist a good understanding of the materials and any lighting or effects that will be needed to be a part of the prop.

I will provide more detailed information on what I will be working on after the first of June, when the briefings for the challenges has been released on ArtStation.

It is my hope that I will be able to stream the process on Twitch or YouTube, but for now I am just going to be content with possibly being able to familiarize myself with the latest edition of Blender while working on what I hope will be a fun yet challenging project to create environments, characters, and props.

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