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BioShock Infinite: Broach Decision spoiler

During the course of BioShock Infinite, there is a point not long after you have rescued Elizabeth when you meet up with a couple who offer her two broaches. I was majorly spoiled on the end of the game in my own search for what the choice does, so I want to add another search point to the internet to help avoid others being spoiled about the game ending.

There seems, from all that I read, to be no actual game mechanic that is affected by the choice of which broach to take. The item is merely a visual element in the game. So, from what I can gather, you can feel free to pick whichever broach you prefer.

I had assumed the same thing as another person who responded, where the major spoiler is or I would link to their comment, that the item had an effect on how far away from you Elizabeth went when you were making your way through Columbia. That is not the case, however, and the item only provides visual decoration that you can see as a change you made to the character throughout the story line.

I love that such a thing has been added to the game, but it is a shame it did not have an effect on how far from you she strays as you wander. That said, it does have an important role, just… not one that you will actually need to be worried about. Both patterns on the bird and cage broaches have the exact same effects, they just have different visuals to them.

What is the effect? As I said, it is not something that will affect the character or the game play, just… keep an eye on her lovely new broach. I can’t say more without risk of spoiling things for you in BioShock Infinite that do not need to be spoiled.

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