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If All Else Fails…

After several moments of trying to get something to happen in Blender, and failing miserably, only to realize it was a simple fix to correct the issue, it occurred to me that I needed a space here for how to fix the stupidly simple errors that are encountered when using Blender. My dad, who had taught auto mechanics for a while in the Army, always told me that there were no stupid questions, only stupid answers. So… here are some answers to those questions you might feel a bit too ashamed to ask in a forum. Such as…

Q. MMB has stopped working, I can not rotate model

A. This is a really bad one that hits a lot of people, myself included. While I have not yet discovered how to fix this issue, I do know a workaround so you do not have to restart your model from scratch.

Go to…

File > User Preferences

Or hit CTRL+ALT+U on your keyboard to open the user preferences screen.

On the left side of the INPUT tab there is a checkbox to “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” It should be the second thing down on the left side of the INPUT tab. Make sure that you check that as “on”.

Now, in your viewer, hold down ATL when you click the left mouse button (LMB) and you will be able to rotate around your model the same as if you had clicked the middle mouse button (MMB).

Zoom in and out will still function properly for your MMB if it has a scroll wheel on it.

As I said, this is not the solution to why the MMB stops rotating the model, but it will allow you to keep working when this particular gremlin shows up. I’ll update this if I do figure out how to stop the issue entirely.

Q. Shift+MMB has stopped working, I can not pan model

A. A nasty issue that leaves a LOT of people stumped if the in-proportionate ratio of solution to outcries for help online are any indication. Here is how to fix Shift+MMB=pan issues.

In the Properties panel (main viewport press N) look under “View” and there is a option that says “Lock to Cursor”. If it is checked you lose your ability to pan using shift+MMB. Uncheck the box beside “Lock to Cursor” and you should be able to use your middle mouse button and shift to pan again.


Q. HELP! I can only see the “Objects” view in Blender! How do I get back into edit mode to work on my model?

A. This is actually a rather simple fix, as I found out. You probably have a non-editable object selected (like the camera in my case). Click on the object you want to edit and try TAB again to enter edit mode (or click the mode box to pick whatever mode you are looking for), this should have fixed the issue. I know it did for me.

Q. Why can’t I see the UV map in my UV/ Image Editor space?

A. This is probably because the space is set for showing you a rendered image view. On the bottom of the workspace for the UV map screen is a little bar that says “render result”, click the X at the end of that to close that and you should see your UV map area.

Q. Do I have to have all the vertices selected to see my UV map?

A. No. If you can only see the UV map with the vertices selected, then you need to click on the button with the little arrow pointing at the cube with vertices (see image). This will toggle the workspace between the two views so you can see the UV map without having to select the vertices on the model.


Q. How do I make the UV map scale correctly for my model?

A. In the “Properties” menu panel, select the “CUBE” tab along the top of the panel. Under “Transform” you want to set the X, Y and Z scales (farthest right of the slider bars) to 1, 1, 1.  This will give you a 1x1x scale ratio on the model so when you UV unwrap it the pieces map is to the proper scale for painting details in an art program.

Q. I can not see the layout lines on my UV image when I export it for painting. What happened?

A. When you export the UV layout using Blender 2.61, make sure that you have selected all of the faces you want to have show up on the layout. When you then select “UVs > Export UV Layout” and save the image, you can open it in your image editor program (GIMP for me) as a transparent image with the same outlines as you see on the layout in Blender’s UV/Image Editor panel.

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