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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 **SPOILERS**

This post contains spoilers about the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. If you have not yet played this game you might want to stop reading this post here.

If you do not mind major spoilers, or have already played though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, then read on.

This has to do with the character Pvt. Joseph Allen, who you first meet when you start up the game. Pvt. Allen is the fellow that you learn the controls from and who you take through the obstacle course to get a idea on your suggested game play level. I had stopped playing Call of Duty a while back because, well, the game has rather poor two player compatibility and I prefer to play campaign mode two player in games like this. Army of Two is a perfect example of what Call of Duty should look to for how to make players happy.

Anyway, I decided that I should give Call of Duty another go, so loaded it up to start my play-through up again. I was enjoying the game a lot, up until my third mission with Pvt Allen ending in his death.

What the heck? Come on, people! This was the INTRODUCTION CHARACTER. This was the character I was hanging all of my imagination on for my experience in this game world and you killed him off, no chance to save him? What the heck? Bad form. In my own little mind, Pvt Allen is in some Russian prison and presumed dead, not actually dead. Don’t even get me started about later on with Roach and Ghost and the safe-house. Despite its shortcomings, I do admit, I like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but seriously, people, you killed off the introduction character in his third mission? And no, killing him off in his fourth or sixth would not have been better. Look at how the people who have played Mass Effect feel about the impossible mission to save the galaxy that ends in Shepard’s death.

I really do not get what the new trend is in games and killing off the player’s characters. Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins… it seems like games I could LOVE are instead just games I really like because there is no lasting connection to the lead characters in them. what ever happened to a happy ending for the heroes? Yes, I get it, in reality the hero rarely ever actually gets to survive and ride off into the sunset with the love of their lives, but this is a game, an escape from reality. How about if in the next Call of Duty game you all think about maybe letting me start out with Pvt Allen locked away in some POW camp and either escape or rescue him? I’d adore it if I can also get back Roach and Ghost too, but I can understand you not being able to bring all of them back… well, scratch that, give me back Roach and Ghost and I will keep accepting that Pvt Allen is unsavable. Thank you for your time on reading my bitch about the failings of a game that I could have really loved.

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