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Canon MG2520 Printer Paper Jam FIXED

A couple of weeks ago I had a serious issue with my Canon printer. After a minor paper jam it refused to understand that it was no longer jammed. This was a serious issue for me, since I could not afford to replace the printer and it is an essential part of my work. I made do without the printer for the first week while I tried to trouble shoot the issue, uninstalled all of the printer programs and drivers and re-installed it all, followed all the advice I could find to fix the issue… now into the second week I am feeling the pain of not having my printer and needed it repaired.

A search online showed entry after entry on the Canon website that detailed the issue, each ending with the disheartening news that the solution had been to buy another printer (an HP).  I cannot afford to go buy a new printer, not to mention doing so actually requires I go out and see people in person, so I squared off against my printer one final time armed with the knowledge that it was not going to be fixable. It was already dead, nothing I did could harm it.

I unhooked it from the power and computer and took it to sit on my bed with me where I poked around with my flashlight, removed the little door from the top that flips up to hold the paper in place, poked paper down into the paper feed area with a sheet of paper to try to see what would happen. I reached into it to push on the paper feed bar, rocking it to make sure it could move freely then I flipped it all around and opened up the front door to access the ink area.

The first thing I did was move the ink back and forth and get a paintbrush to sweep around inside and make sure there was no critter hair or other debris jamming something. I then removed the ink cartridges and checked everything over again. As a last ditch effort I reached in and used my finger on the gear wheel to move the paper feed roller. I rolled it forward a half dozen or so times, then put the ink back and moved the ink back and forth, then rolled the paper roller bar again. Finally, with everything back in place, I hooked the printer back up

It made some dreadful noises and acted like it was going to cuss me out and reuse to work, and I thought for a moment it was not going to work – then I turned it off and back on and it settled into just a steady green light and not the blinking three blips paper jam it had been doing. Note both my ink lights were on, but that was expected since I am out of ink.

I went back to the computer and told the printer to skip the alignment part of installing. I skipped past anything that might need ink and the program loaded up and seemed to start okay. I asked the printer to scan a page and it groused that the program was not installed properly, I deemed that was likely due to my skipping the print head aligning and told it to continue anyway… and it did. It scanned the page perfectly for me.

I do not know yet if it will print, since I have no ink for it, but the scanner works and that was the most vital part for now.

So… if your Canon MG2500 series printer seems to be permanently paper jammed, don’t give up on it. Try to roll the paper advance bar under the ink carriage and see if that solves it.

I will update this information later when I can try printing, and hopefully with more specifics on this fix – including some pictures. For now – I have a backlog of work to get taken care of.

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2 comments to Canon MG2520 Printer Paper Jam FIXED

  • Kevin

    Title: “Canon MG2520 Printer Paper Jam FIXED”

    Yet the content says: “I do not know yet if it will print, since I have no ink for it, but the scanner works and that was the most vital part for now.”


    “I will update this information later when I can try printing…”


    That hardly means the issue is FIXED.

    • admin

      If you own a Canon MG2520 and had it jam, then you know that it will not do ANYTHING when it is jammed. The fixed issue was in the continual “error” message I was getting from the printer that made it impossible for me to scan items using the All In One scanner bed. I fixed the jam issue and the scanner is usable. If you experienced issues with the printing part of the machine after fixing the jam, please, let me know. I still have not been able to afford to buy ink, so I have not been able to update this post for its printing capabilities.

      Your comment did, however, draw my attention to where someone had tagged a SPAM link onto the end of my original post, so for that I thank you. I have deleted the spam message and will check other posts on my site as time allows. Please, take a moment to explain your issue with your printer and I will try to help you find the solution.

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