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How to Successfully Scaling Multiple Objects Together in Blender 2.74

In working to fix my steampunk gun I tried to resize the gun. Unfortunately when I went to scale it up I encountered a serious issue. Each individual part of the gun scaled independently of one another and created sort of a exploded schematic effect if scaled down (a total mess if scaled up).


Define character in writing

I wanted so badly to get started on my character, now that I think I might have Blender working again, that I failed to actually read the first chapter of Game Character Design with Blender and Unity. I created a basic character model sheet for my average goon guard character last night, but when I […]

Game Creation: Guard image references

I went on a quick run around the internet and found some image references for the guard I want to make.

Most of the images came from Crime & Punishment: Bristol & Gloucestershire Crime & Punishment Archive Photographs on Flicker compiled by Paul Townsend. The picture inset in the top left of the image is […]

Game Creation: The Idea

I am starting out today to relearn Blender and in my effort to do that I am going to focus on making two characters for a future video game that I will create when I have a much better computer to work on.

Day One: The Idea

I want to focus on things I like, […]

Always look at your 3D model from all sides

I restarted the head for my character once again and was rather pleased with the results I was getting this time.. until I looked at a quad view and saw my character from the top down.

Something has GOT to be done about that nose! And the lack of a brow, but the brow […]

3D design books for the holidays

I got myself two gifts this Christmas

Character Development in Blender 2.5 which is a college level course book for beginner to intermediate study of 3D animation.


3D Game Environments: Create Professional 3D Game Worlds by Luke Ahearn

I plan to use them in a self-study course I’m custom making for myself after the […]

Blender 2.65 Nodes

I am going to take a step away from the spiral stone stairs for a moment to look at nodes.

In Blender nodes are the filter through which you send your material through to change the effects applied to your model. They have a hierarchy to them, so that each modification a node makes passes […]

Spiral Stone Staircase – part 3 – UV Unwrapping the step

In part two I left off with a 16 step spiral staircase that was a rather dull gray of basic modeling in Blender. It is nice enough, but nothing to get overly excited about unless you are really into playing with arrays. In this part I am going to bring that step to life using […]

Spiral Stone Staircase – part 2 – how to build a basic step

As I said in part one, I am starting the construction of my castle in the clouds with a single step. It seems fitting and like the best place to begin the construction.

I watched a tutorial a while back on how to make a barrel, so I know that an array modifier can be […]

How to Wreck a Car

SciFiFunk has a video up on YouTube, that he cross posted a link to over at ShareCG, that explains the process of Applying Rust Shaders to Awkward Models for those of us that need a rusted out old car. Personally, I don’t need any more of those myself, I have plenty, but in terms of […]