Entry Area for the Research Hospital Model

I got a start on the doors of the research hospital today. This is based on older styles such as old sanatoriums and the like, so the entry area is not particularly wheelchair friendly, but it is based on an image of an actual hospital entry from an abandoned hospital in Beelitz, Germany, that I […]

Define character in writing

I wanted so badly to get started on my character, now that I think I might have Blender working again, that I failed to actually read the first chapter of Game Character Design with Blender and Unity. I created a basic character model sheet for my average goon guard character last night, but when I […]

Rough Design for City Watch

I created a rough design for what the average city watch patrolling the streets will look like for the character I am going to be working on. This is a very rough figure, since it is going to be a very low poly character to be part of a group of enemies.

This will […]

Game Creation: Guard image references

I went on a quick run around the internet and found some image references for the guard I want to make.

Most of the images came from Crime & Punishment: Bristol & Gloucestershire Crime & Punishment Archive Photographs on Flicker compiled by Paul Townsend. The picture inset in the top left of the image is […]

Game Creation: The Idea

I am starting out today to relearn Blender and in my effort to do that I am going to focus on making two characters for a future video game that I will create when I have a much better computer to work on.

Day One: The Idea

I want to focus on things I like, […]

3D design books for the holidays

I got myself two gifts this Christmas

Character Development in Blender 2.5 which is a college level course book for beginner to intermediate study of 3D animation.


3D Game Environments: Create Professional 3D Game Worlds by Luke Ahearn

I plan to use them in a self-study course I’m custom making for myself after the […]

Primitive Robot and Cube Duck

The first assignment in the Beginning Blender book is to create a robot using just the primitive shapes from blender and manipulating their size and shape (stretched shapes, not actually moving individual vertices).

This is my robot that I made for that exercise.

He is a bit… short on the legs, but I did not […]

First day and I’m already lost in class

Not to say that I am getting lost as in “oh this is fascinating!” or even that I am lost in terms of not knowing what the material is trying to teach me. No, I’m lost in terms of how to work my way through the MIT course Game Design and when to listen to […]

Week one of schooling begins

I’m starting off my self learning this week with the creation of a place on this site for me to keep my class information, see Learn Game Design in the menu above, and the organization of what I am thinking will be equivalent to my first week of class work.

August 26 – 30th

Organize […]

Back to School, on my terms

I’ve been thinking about my future, which is bad since I am already past 40, and I have decided that the best way to get what I want out of life is to learn the things I need to have the career I want rather than whatever job I can scrape up.

Since there are […]