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Game Design Question: Should Game Designers Use The Base Character Creator for the Game’s Default Hero?

If you have played a game such as BioWare’s Mass Effect games, then you know the pain of trying to make a customized character that is as good looking as the default hero.

The issue is that in games like that the game designers used a character customization system that is not available to […]

Game Design Question: Are Repeated Dungeons Okay?

When Dragon Age II came along there was a lot of complaints about the re-use of dungeons in the game. This should not be confused with the use of modular dungeons, where the same base assets are used to randomly generate a new dungeon. In Dragon Age II the trouble was that many encounters, […]

Game Design Question: Should Games Have Limited Time Events?

I’ve decided that a weekly Game Design Question would be a good thing to add to the site as I get it moving again, so each week I will ask a new question about video games that can be considered and discussed from a design perspective.

This week’s GDQ is about limited time events […]



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