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What makes a good sidekick?

There are some characters that just stick with you, not only through the game as a loyal companion as you play it, but in your thoughts long after you have finished the game.

What makes a character so memorable, though and how can you achieve this in your own creations?

There are more than a […]

Revisions to the Research Hospital Model

I made some revisions to the research hospital. I decided that the structure was not quite as big as i wanted it to be, so I altered the main building. This is with the same old rough draft texture maps, so please ignore how it looks stretched out on the bricks.

I decided that I […]

Ceiling lamp

Last night I decided to make an asset for the game I have in mind as my first actual fully seen through video game. Here is a small teaser of the piece in production.

This shot includes environmental lighting so that you can see the green chipped enamel surface of the old ceiling fixture. This […]

Unity 3D store sale to celebrate fourth birthday and one million users

Check out the going’s on over at the Unity Asset Store where they are celebrating their fourth year and the expectation of having 1 million users by the end of the year. The sales are too good to miss. (Trust me, I got distracted and missed a great daily deal I wanted! This Steampunk Industries […]

Space Station Bay 1: 3D model

This is what I have been working on today. This is to be a sort of pod for a space station, that will allow for a series of these to be connected end to end to create a grouping of entertainment venues or whatever else is needed. I am still working on exactly how they […]

A New Start: Building A Speculative SciFi RPG

Speculative SciFi is something that I have always loved. Unlike standard SciFi, which is often constrained by the limitations of science realism, speculative science fiction allows for a more open interpretation of the way the world works. This more open interpretation is something I consider vital when it comes to what is my most beloved […]

Writing Notebook

I just wanted to take a moment to mention my little writer’s notebook I am using and say that I will be getting more of these.

I’m using the 4″x6″ Pentalic Traveler Pocket Journal with grid paper in it. This has an elastic band to keep it closed, a pocket in the back, and […]

Traditional or Indie Publishing?

A question on a forum I hang out at asked if people planned to publish their stories through traditional publishing methods or indie publishing (also known as self-published). It got me to thinking about just what it means to make the decision between the two, so I decided that I would do some more looking […]

What does writing have to do with games?

Okay, so you came here looking for information on video games and 3D design and here you see all these articles on… writing. What the hell? Where is the video game articles? Why aren’t there more articles on 3D design?

Well, first off, I’m still new to 3D design and I freely admit that. I […]

Spiral Stone Staircase – part 2 – how to build a basic step

As I said in part one, I am starting the construction of my castle in the clouds with a single step. It seems fitting and like the best place to begin the construction.

I watched a tutorial a while back on how to make a barrel, so I know that an array modifier can be […]