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What’s Twitch?

While Fortnite is very huge on Twitch, it would be a huge disservice to Twitch to define is as “A streaming site where gamers play Fornite.” It is so much more than that. […]

Mass Effect Andromeda goes on

After having finished Mass Effect Andromeda I was not expecting to have much left to do. I had a few things I had not yet completed, but to my pleasant surprise there seemed to be at least a couple of things that were not triggered until after the main story was finished. I am not […]

Finished Mass Effect Andromeda: Well worth the money

I’ve finished Mass Effect Andromeda and the game is, in my humble opinion, well worth what I paid for it. There is a lot of things left unfinished, but that is good in my opinion, it gives a lot of place to expand out into and I really look forward to future expansions and games […]

MAJOR SPOILER Mass Effect Andromeda: Kadaran

This post has a major spoiler for Mass Effect Andromeda in it, read on at your own risk!


Mass Effect Andromeda Walkthroughs and Guides… helpful or not?

I’ve done a little poking around on some of the missions I have finished enough to not care about spoilers, seeking information to help make sure I get the results I am after with so many hours of invested play into the game, and I have realized something. A lot of the walkthroughs and guides […]

Is Mass Effect Andromeda worth the cost?

So, I have been playing a lot of Mass Effect Andromeda and this has brought me back around to contemplating if the game was worth the cost. During the first few days of release there was a lot of upset around the Internet (even I was a little disappointed in aspects of the game). It […]

Mass Effect Andromeda Medbay Call Error?

I have had this odd thing happen twice now where as I am going through the ship Lexi will come over the comm asking “Hey, can I see you in the medbay?” but when I get there she just asks “What?” (or something similar) and there is no interactions to be done to explain why […]

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Tips

Some advice about a few things I have found helpful in Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer. (some learned when playing earlier Mass Effect multiplayer’s and still true in Andromeda.)

Extraction: When the extraction phase begins stay away from the extraction pad until it is nearly time to leave. Between 30 and 50 seconds from the shuttle […]

Why I do not live stream

There are a few reasons for my not live streaming play, the biggest being that my connection does not allow for such things to be possible. I can not share play or let others watch my gaming. It is a shame, since I have had several requests to watch my gameplay, but until I have […]

Mass Effect Andromeda: Victory in Defeat

Early this morning I wrote about a battle I had got into where my companions were locked in another room and dead while I tried to solo an Ascendant. I am happy to report that I won the fight, I beat the cuss… and was then slaughtered by the four bad guys that had got […]