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Final Fantasy Wine; Ifrit Rouge and Shiva Blanc has two limited edition wines available as part of Square Enix’s celebration of Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary. The Shiva Blanc, a 2015 Château des Bois white wine, and the Ifrit Rogue, a 2016 Château des Bois red wine with hints of strawberry and other freshly picked fruits. Each of the wines bears a label […]

New Overwatch Hero: Doomfist

Overwatch has a new hero in the mix today, Doomfist. I have not got the chance to test him out for myself yet, but I already know I will be staying with my current favorites, McCree with backup choices of D.Va, Ana and Tracer. I’m still looking forward to getting to try this new hero […]

2 day Final Fantasy XIV North American server transfers

Final Fantasy XIV is going down tonight while they move the servers for North America. I’ve got all my crops in the gardens harvested so will not lose anything, also have my airship back out on a 48 hour tour of the Diadem.

Gamer Journal

I almost forgot that I needed to check my gardens in Final Fantasy XIV today, logged in to find a purplish haze coming off the krakka roots. Yikes. All plants tended to, however, and I harvested and replanted my shards. My goal is maxed out shards of every type kept in the freecompany chest for […]

Gamer Journal

Got everything tended to in Final Fantasy XIV, but did not spend much time in the game today. Just fast retainer checks and tending gardens. The Thavnarian Onion was ready, however, so Tris’tan now has a rank 14 chocobo gathering more experience.

For those who may not know chocobos need special treatment after they reach […]

Gamer Journal

I had planned to work more on getting Krys’a through the main story quest today, but instead I ended up doing some stuff on my little Xaela character Nigen. The leader of her Freecompany was planning ot do their dailies, so I went along on the leveling roulete on her, since she can do as […]

Gamer Journal

Spent my gaming time in Final Fantasy XIV again today. Gathered a bunch of grade one Shroud topsoil for one of the freecompanies I am in (full stack of 99 bags of it put into the company chest), harvested and replanted some shards in some grade 1 Shroud soil in the FC garden bed. Then […]

Gamer Journal

I spent most of my time in games today just doing catch-up stuff for Krys on the main story in Final Fantasy XIV. Four of my buddies in the Freecompany that Krys is in helped me take out the Titan Hard Mode fight in an unsynced run, and I then poked away at the main […]

Gamer Journal: Shiva Pony!

I was just lazying about on Tris’tan and ended up joining a late night Shiva pony farm. It was not easy getting members for it at the time it was formed, but we finally got 5 people who did not drop out after a few moments of waiting for the party to fill.

As usual […]

Gamer Journal

I got the DLC for the Amazon order. The outfit is nice and the cloud is rather cool looking. The cloud is not anything I would use in character, well.. I might on Nymandus, but he’d be the only one that could pull it off if even he could. The bo might just become Tris’tan’s […]