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Women Don’t Game

Or do they?

Somewhere along the line the stereotype of “gamer” came to be a socially awkward man living in his parent’s basement and playing video games. An online search online provides no clue as to where this notion came from and with no documentation for the source f the stereotype, the assumption is drawn […]

Internet Sales Tax

Anyone that has been online for more than a few years will remember the spam emails from a while back that talked about how the government planned to start taxing the Internet. It looks like the scare is starting to leave the urban legends of Cyberspace and enter the world of senate reality.

Today The […]

Hilton Garden Inn training game “Ultimate Team Play for PSP®”

It has been 4 years since the Hilton Garden Inn announced that they were going to let their employees play games. In 2009 they announced Ultimate Team Play, a game designed for the PSP® that allowed employees to learn aspects of housekeeping, food and beverage and even working the front desk in a video game […]

Twinkies will not survive the zombie apocalypse after all

There will be less food than anticipated following the start of the zombie apocalypse. Twinkies, a long standing staple of zombie apocalypse survival kits, is going to be discontinued as Hostess files for bankruptcy. In the 1960’s the Twinkie was discovered to last “forever” and were chosen as the snack food of choice for storage […]



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