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Scorpius Port


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The SIMS 3: Game of the Dead Edition

With The SIMS 4 just around the corner, it seems like a great time to look at what I like to call The SIMS 3: Game of the Dead Edition. This is not to be confused with any Game of the Year editions, this is all about things that people think should die that… well […]

Life never slows down

Life has a way of picking up speed and moving along at a good pace that leaves those of us living it stumbling along like we are dashing through a bramble patch in the dark. That is how it has felt the past few months, in particular the past couple of weeks.

Without going into […]

Are Zombies Still Popular?

There are a lot of fads in the world. Big hairdos, bell bottom pants, disco… are zombies just the latest passing fad that is set to wear off soon?

Zombies have been popular for some time. Resident Evil has built a franchise on… well… okay, so maybe not zombies. Resident Evil has the various viruses […]

Coding begins for Open Source Zombie Game

I have started coding for the Open Source Zombie Game (OSZG), I am not formally trained in any coding programs, but I did learn a lot about several languages from my father, so have started working in what I know of C++ and will learn more as I go along.

I downloaded Notepad++ to use […]

Offical Game Announcement for OSZG

Game Title: …. to be determined later

Working Title: OS Zombie Game [OSZG] – AKA Open Source Zombie Game

Yeah, yeah, I know, it is not exactly original, but it helps me keep this project organized for now.

Mission Statement: “Life Before Gaming”

This means that if you have something you need to do other […]



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