Social media has removed a very important word from common use

Social media uses the word “friend” as a tag for adding someone to a list of people from whom we desire to see the posts or other shared media. This gives many a warm feeling to know they have a lot of friends who they follow and who follow them – even celebrities can be […]

Fixed! Blender Moves in Large Increments when Moving Things

I had a new issue crop up in Blender his morning, one that left me confused and restarting the program, then searching for a solution online. When I grabbed one of the faces on my model to make a small adjustment to where it was positioned the area moved a full Blender Unit rather than […]

Canon MG2520 Printer Paper Jam FIXED

A couple of weeks ago I had a serious issue with my Canon printer. After a minor paper jam it refused to understand that it was no longer jammed. This was a serious issue for me, since I could not afford to replace the printer and it is an essential part of my work. I […]

How to Fix Render Text Blur in Blender 2.74

I have had this serious problem in Blender for the last couple of days. I made a steampunk style handgun and then set out to apply a texture map to it to make it look good. The trouble was, no matter what I did it looked terrible when I asked Blender to create a rendering […]

10 thousand verts in steampunk gun

I was admiring my work on my steampunk revolver when I looked up and realized my computer was faring better with the model than I had thought.

10,807 verts, 10,798 faces, and 31 different objects… yeah, I’m surprised my hard drive has not yet launched itself out the side of my trailer. I’m going […]

Final Fantasy XIV: people rolling Need for wrong reasons

There is a problem in Final Fantasy XIV for people that are trying to upgrade their gear by running dungeons. Too many players have no concept of how to use the NEED – GREED – PASS options when items drop in dungeons. For those who are playing the game for the fun rather than racing […]

Must Organize Computer Files

As I went to save the notes for my work on Shadowlord’s Gambit I realized I had a serious problem with my computer. Over the past few years it has got as chaotic as the rest of my life and I have been left with stray folders in several places that have parts of things […]

“Hidden” messages in advertising logos?

I was pinging around in a semi-asleep state a few minutes ago when I decided ‘what the heck’ and followed a link to an article at Your Daily Dish asking “Can You Spot the Hidden Messages in These Company Logos?” It was a little bemusing at first, but I had to stop when I got […]

Starting Over and Rebuilding

Nothing quite like realizing that you have to rebuild everything, including your life, over from scratch to make you really sit back and take a look at what you want to keep.

This post marks a important point in my life, as it is the starting over for this website, my writing life, and, well… […]

Site rebuild needed again because of theme update

I updated my website’s theme, which, of course, means I have to update the website as well because the theme dropped a good portion of the customization I did to it.