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Scorpius Port


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SPEED Docuseries premiers on CuriosityStream this April

This April the on demand streaming service CuriosityStream will take viewers on a journey that will chronicle humanity’s innate need for speed. The four-part docuseries, SPEED will tell the story of humankind’s instinctive desire to explore and invent. Hosted by engineering expert Sean Riley, the show will transport viewers to some of history’s greatest […]

Dvorak Learning Curve

I’m still getting used to the Dvorak keyboard layout, but I’m learning where the keys are and the typing is still easier for me than the QWERTY layout had been. At the moment, aside from a few letters, I know where all the keys are.

I’m still liking the layout, just frustrated by the […]

Dragon Hunter update

I finished making the scene cards for Dragon Hunter last night and organized them into groups to create chapters.

Today I set up the project in Scrivener and decided what characters I will need. I also picked names for the main characters:

Dolan for the protagonist, who is a thief on the run.Gavin […]

The Dvorak Keyboard Test – Day 2

This is the second day that I have my keyboard set up in the Dvorak input style and I am starting to get used to it. My words per minute is only around 10, but I am getting a good idea on where all the keys are and muscle memory is starting to build […]

QWERTY vs Dvorak Keyboard Layout

I feel weird, and like I’ve made a horrible decision, but I am hopeful that this will get better quickly… or maybe I’ll at least not seriously regret what I’ve done.

So, what have I done? I have set my keyboard to the Dvorak layout, and am learning to type all over again. It […]

Scene Cards

I am working on a set of scene cards for the novel that I want to write the first draft of between now and the end of the year. I have written out the rough outline for the main story, and I am working on writing down the important details of each scene on […]

Dragon Hunter: Rough Outline of Main Plot is Finished

I finished the main plot for the rough outline of Dragon Hunter and I have to say that it felt so nice to type -FINI- at the end of the page and feel content that I had a ending that I would be able to work into something that I will be happy with.


Disaster Delayed

I’ve managed to delay one of the disasters that had me too stressed out to sleep last night, but there are still several other high stress things that I am not able to do anything about for the moment. So, I am doing the only thing I can do, I’m going to get a […]

Stressful Evening so I Worked on Stuff

I spent the night stressed out to the point I kept getting stress headaches, so since it was also really cold in my bedroom I ended up staying awake all night. As I write this it is 5:44 am and I am wrapped in a fleece lap blanket listening to a few episodes of […]

Writing Novels, but No NaNo

I am going to just say no to NaNoWriMo this year and accept a challenge someone offered to write a novel from start to finish between October 1st and December 31st. It is a much saner span of time, and will give me enough time to be able to work on some of the […]



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