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Writing Journal: May 12-16

This has been a bit of a busy weekend for me with writing, but a lot of it was spent in going back over some of the things I had already done, just to make sure I had not missed more stuff. Turned out I had missed watching 6 videos because I had accidentally skipped […]

Writing Journal

I got a lot of things done today.

For the mindmap for my series I folded up a sheet of 18×12 inch drawing paper from an old Mead art tablet so it could be tucked into my series bible. I then used each section that the folds had divided it into for a separate mindmap […]

No Plan Survives Contact With The Muse

So, on a writing forum today someone was asking about how much planning to do, and that made me realize why planning beyond the first book in a series might not be the best way to do things.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to know what you’ll do next and to have a idea […]

Line Editing vs Story Editing

In my series writing class today I got this kick to the side of my head that explained why I am never done revising – or even writing.

The lesson explained the process for how to revise a story, and how NOT to revise one, and I realized that I have been doing the how […]

Mind Mapping: I hate… Ice cream?

I was working on a mind map for my Sci Fi space travel story that I am working on and it seemed to be going really well, up until I started trying to make a map for things that I hate. At that point I stopped and stared at it in stupification when I wanted […]

Writing Journal

LOTS accomplished today. I did a lot of work on the world of my series, worked out establishing my world and how to do that as well as a lot of writing and rewriting until I was content with just how things fit together and what sort of direction I want this series to go […]

Writing Journal

Today’s task with the series writing course I am taking lead me to working on things I want to do with the first few paragraphs of book one of the series. What is vital for the book that I need to know about and want to include in the first scene. There was a lot […]

Writing Journal, May 4th to 7th

The past few days have been a bit busy and blended together slightly, but I did some work on things that I intend to be keeping in my book series I am working on. Mostly stuff like what characters I know I want to be reoccurring characters and bits of things that I want to […]

Writing Journal

Spent the day working on my series information and finally got a good rough teaser for what the back of the first book of the series would look like, as well as some hot points for a few of the characters that I know will be showing up throughout the series. I had not intended […]

Writing Journal

I did a bunch more work on my Story Bible book today as well as started up a document in Scrivener to start organizing things there for writing.

The biggest achievements for today were in getting a pitch line wrote for my series as well as finalizing the theme. I also came up with an […]



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