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With John tucked away in the school house in Colter, you are finally able to take full control of Arthur and explore the small town. Unfortunately, that is all you can do. I attempted on several ocassions to leave the town and explore or hunt in the area – you get roughly 100 yards out from the town in any direction and begin to freeze to death.

I really wish that the area of exploration had been larger while still limiting you to the winter areas, since I would have liked to have spent some time there hunting for food and exploring while John recovered and the weeks passed til the thaw. (See my post: Why such a small explorable area in Chapter 1 of Red Dead Redemption 2?)

When you start into this part of the game you see a scene where Arthur is writing in his journal about the last few weeks. This journal is a major item in the game and it is fun to look at how the artwork changes and improves as Arthur spends more time studying plants or animals. There are a few places that I was disspointed that he did not seem to sketch what he had seen, but from what I can tell the entries that he does make appear to show up in the order in which they are discovered. I will be investigating this more closely on my future playthroughs, creating a bit of a record for what he has in the journal and where it is on different playthroughs.

Dutch also has a book that he seems to write in. I discovered this when I stepped out into the main room of the cabin and Dutch, after talking for a moment with Hosea and Arthur, walked across the room and pulled out a book and a pencil. If you watch him he seems to think rather hard on what he is writing in it. Occassionally shaking his head or seeming to disagree with himself on whatever it is he writes in the book. A close up of it makes it look like lists of names in two columns per page.

Items to Gather:

  • Arthur’s room
    • Nightstand Drawer (by window)
      • Classic Oatcakes
      • Opened Miracle Tonic
    • Nightstand Drawer (foot of bed)
      • Opened Health Cure

Missions in Colter

There are two missions available in Colter, Bill Williamson and Mr. Pearson both would like to talk to you. I suggest doing Pearson’s mission first, since that is the one that gets the gang food.

You will need to walk up and engage with Pearson, but Wiliamson’s mission will start as soon as you open the door of the small cabin that Bill, Javiar, Lenny, and Michah are staying in. (I assume that Pearson probably prefers to nap by the blacksmith forge as long as the weather permits, and Charles prefers the hay bales in the livery.)

If you go to the left and across the street you will find most of the gang holed up in the school house still with John laying on a cot at the back under the broken chalk doard. You can talk to each of the people in there before you you take on the missions. (All of the women other than Molly are in here, as well as John, Jack, Uncle, Strause, and Reverend Swanson.)

Trivia: There are two copies of a letter to the publishers of the Saint Denis Times in the schoolhouse. Also, Reverend Swanson is not reading from the Bible. He is reading some story about Lady Elenore, Sir Mulberry, and Duke Hupworth (I think I read those blurry names right).

My next destination is to walk past where Mr. Pearson is and enter the main barn area. This is where part of the horses are (I can not find the other horses anywhere), and where Charles has taken refuge from the cold and the rest of the gang. I found him in an awesome photogenic setting with his horse, Taima, the Gray Snowcap Spotted Appaloosa that he had loaned Arthur and that Arthur was riding when he guided the gang to Colter.

The horses in the stable are:

  • Taima – Charle’s horse (Gray Snowcap Spotted Appaloosa)
  • Baylock – Michah’s horse (clack with white face and sox)
  • Boaz – Javiar’s horse (slate gray and white paint)
  • Maggie – Lenny’s horse (small light brown with white mane and tail and sox)
  • Brown Jack – Bill’s horse (huge brown horse)
  • The Count – Dutch’s horse (small white horse.)

Note: These, and Arthur’s unnamed horse, are the horses that are used throughout the missions in this part of the game.

If Colter is a mining town, where is the mine? I have seen several people online question how Colter can be called a mining town when there does not seem to be a mine nearby, but when it was an active town site, Colter would have been the most convient town not only for the mine in Ewing Basin, to the south, but also for the mine that is located further up on the mountain and any mines, gold panners, or sluce box operations that might have been found in the mountains to the east, north, and west of the Spider Gorge area.

Boundry Line: I did some exploration while writing this guide and determined that there is a decent but limited area around the town that Arthur can Explore. While it is rare to see any animals, I have seen both a fox (SE oc Colter) and a songbird (Due North of Colter) while riding within this area.

Horse Bonding: It is possible to ride and dote on this first horse enough in the Colter missions to have it up to level three bond by the time you set off for the Horseshoe Overlook encampment. While writing this guide I decided to test out the bonding for horses and took a break from the game to watch the first episode of a series while I rode my horse on a sort of patrol around Colter. By the end of a 45 minute TV show I had the horse maxed out at a level 4 bond.

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