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Come along as I create a series

In the past I have made posts about my efforts to write a book on a pair of princes whose uncle stole their birthright. It seems like something always brings the story to a standstill and, more often than not, I end up starting it all over from the beginning. And yet, it is a story that I go back to time after time when I try to get back to writing for a living.

Well, now I have no choice. I need to make writing my full-time job now, or it never will be. I no longer have the ability to say, I’ll do it when I am older, because I am older. I am almost fifty. I also no longer have the ability to say that I will focus more on my writing when life has slowed down, because life is going to do nothing but speed up from here on out. I need to earn a full time income that can pay the bills, and that means either I find some way to get past my anthropophobia and be able to keep calm around a bunch of strangers, or I find a way to make writing pay the bills.

Part of my goal in earning an income as a writer is to start up, or rather make use of, a Patreon account. I’ve had the account for a while now, tried to do something with it a while back with my writing and the 3D models I make, but the computer has made creating 3D models something that is not cost effective – it takes far too long to make a model, so I could never make ends meet if I tried to make my living as a 3D modeler. This leave me, for the moment, with writing as my main focus, with the 3D models being something of a relaxing bonus art form I share with my Patreon audience as I create them. I could not think of how to make a Patron reward for my writing, however, so it kind of fizzled out without actually being launched. Another “I’ll do this when I have more time to work on it”.

I considered putting all of my writing work on Patreon, locking it all away behind a donation of $1 or more per month. Both the writing and the process of creating the story. As I started to make the first of the ‘nuts and bolts’ posts, however, I realized; Patreon is not the best place for the ‘how did I build my story’ posts, it is more suited to be a place where those who want to read the stories can have a chance to see what I am writing as I write it. To even have a say in how the stories are written.

So, I am altering my Patreon to be a place where readers can gain immediate access to the story as I writer it, even talk with me about what I am doing, and I am returning to posting the ‘nuts and bolts’ posts to my website, here, as I have in the past.

If you like what you see about what I am building, if you want to keep me moving forward, if you would like to read the story that is being written based on the ‘nuts and bolts’ world building you see here on this site, then please, consider visiting my Patreon page and supporting me as a Patron for as little as $1 a month. I will also be adding additional ways that support can be offered in the days ahead, so keep an eye on the sidebars and the menu below the website title above.

Thank you for your interest in, and support of, my efforts to make my living by doing something I love.

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