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Cyberpunk 2077 NPCs hold grudges – SPOILERS

I was bebopping across the map this evening in Cyberpunk 2077, just playing Batman as I went from one person in need to another in search of citizens of Night City in need of help. As I was making my way toward my apartment to catch some Z’s I spied a fixer along my route and decided to stop in and see who it was.

I like to meet the Fixers I work for face to face at least once, and there are a few I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting with. Turns out this particular one was Dino Dinovic. He’s sitting at a bar in the City Center out in Downtown. Seems simple enough, right? Walk in, sit down on a stool, strike up a friendly conversation with the guy that’s been calling me up and giving me various gigs in the area.

Yeah. I thought so to. Until I stepped through the door of the bar and some guy sitting in a booth off to the left starts glaring my way as if he’s trying to place just where he had seen me before. I squint back at him and ponder the same, why is this guy looking me over like that? Unfortunately before I could ask him he remembered where he had seen me before, yelled out “Lock you up and throw away the key!” He then got up and came after me with a BIG handgun that hit hard. Yeah. I died. I’m sort of weak in the body, more the “I can melt your brain with my mind,” sort of person.

Well, it turns out that one Google search later I remember where I had met the guy. This is Aaron McCarlson Gunner from the NCPD. I met him a while back when I was called on to break into a warehouse and get some security footage for him. Now, usually a merc knows better than to poke into the things that a client has hired them to nip, but… I accidently saw something I was not supposed to have seen when I was looking at the files on the computer.

I let ol’ Aaron know that I had seen what he wanted me to get, then I decided that it was a good idea to tell him I was not after money, I was looking forward to seeing him rot in jail. Yeah… he did not take that very well, tried to kill me. I was kind enough to use a non-leathal mod on my assault rifle to help me drop him into a migraine-inducing slumber and left him for his fellow boys in blue to pick up.

Fast forward I am not sure how many days now, many many many missions later, and here he is, out of jail and sitting in the corner of Dino’s favorite bar.

Yeah… Aaron still remembers me. And oh boy does that man not like me.

So, be warned, if you see the files on that computer, and opt to tell him he’s headed for jail then NOT kill him… he’ll be looking to repay you with a bullet to the head the next time he sees you.

Makes me wonder how many other NPCs are lurking around corners remembering what I did. I’m gonna be sleeping even less now than I had been before… and juding by the ashtrays in my apartment, I’m not sleeping all that much already.

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