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Days Gone combat mechanics

I finally got the playable portion of Days Gone downloaded and I am thrilled at the game’s combat, so much so that after getting into a couple of fights I actually semi-acted out the moves as I was explaining the fight mechanics to my nephew.

I’ve come to determine that the people who have said that the game has hard mechanics are the kind who like to just tap one button and shoot the enemy, maybe aim and shoot… but if you want a really nice comprehensive fight style where you need to think about the combat and use several buttons to alternate attack types and dodge and free yourself from holds when grabbed – you’ll like this game’s fight mechanics. I am absolutely loving it, even if I am fumbling a bit as I learn the combat and commit it to muscle memory.

Oh, and as for the people who complained you can’t save – you can save, you just can’t save during a mission. I’ve had no issues with the save feature for this game, or the quicksave when I am by my bike.

So glad I bought it and can’t wait for the whole game to finish downloading.

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