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Days Gone: How to Fight a Horde at Low Level

A few days ago one of my viewers asked me if it was possible to defeat a horde in Days Gone at low levels.

Indeed it is, but it requires careful planning and the use of geurilla tactics when fighting them.

The first thing that you need to know about fighting hordes at low level is that if they catch you – they will kill you. So make sure that you save your game before you go up against one, and don’t get caught. (If you do get caught, however, don’t give up. It is possible to dodge, roll, and shoot your way to safety… just, not all that easy when surrounded by twenty or more upset freaks.)

Before you set out to take on your first horde you should gather what gear you can and decide on what your tactic will be. Your tactic will depend on your play style, but at lower levels you might need to adjust your tactics a little to assure victory.

Charging headlong into a cave, or hunting the horde where it seeks food or water, might not be the best of methods, even if you are the kind of person who likes to grab a big gun and hold their own against superior numbers of enemies.

Study Them

The first step in fighting a horde is to know your enemy. Take the time to study the horde and get to know what it is that makes that particular horde tick. Where do they seek out shelter during the day? Where do they go to eat? Where do they drink? What path do they take between those three areas?

Every horde will have those points: Food, water, shelter. So get to know the horde you have selected and understand where you can find them.

Also make note of their size and if there are any additional dangers or potential advantages in the area.

  • Is there a second horde in close proximity?
  • Is there an enemy encampment in close proximity?
  • Are there terrain features that you need to be careful of such as water or cliffs you can be trapped against?
  • Are there any places where items might be dropped behind you as you pass to stop the horde from following you through an area?
  • Is there a structure that you can climb, or a narrow path you can get through? Search for any terrain features you can scramble over or through, but that would slow down or stop the horde.
  • Are there environmental aids that you can use?
    • Bear traps
    • Exploding canisters such as:
      • gas cans
      • oxygen tanks
      • red barrels

Get to know the area before you take on the horde.

It’s a Trap!

If you have proximity mines, use those to your advantage as well.

Set mines along the path where you will flee to escape the horde so that when they run after you, they will run across the mine field. Just… make sure you are far enough ahead that you are not also caught by the explosions.

Also, make sure that you take out the leaders. You want as many caught by the explosions as possible when using proximity mines, so try to shoot any lone freakers that run for you before they can trigger the proximity mines.

If you have found their cave, and they are asleep in it, then set a few mines near the entrance. If you can get them to come out of the cave in a cluster, you can get a few of them at a time with the proximity mines.

Run For Your Life!

If you know that you are going to be taking on a horde, then you want to prepare for that by saving any Stamina Cocktails that you come across.

If you’re lucky enough to have found the recipe, then make sure you craft as many as you can and keep spare ingredients on hand to make more when needed.

NOTE: Stamina Cocktails take the same basic ingredients as other cocktails and bandages, so use your ingredients wisely.

Freakers Hide from Door to Door Salesmen

I have discovered that hordes retain some measure of humanity and memories of how things were before they became freaks. It has been my experience that if you visit a horde cave during the day, there is a good chance that you will find it empty. At least that has been my experience.

I have gone to caves where I know hordes sleep, middle of the day, sun is out and no clouds in the sky, and… there were no freakers anywhere to be found.

I have decided that this is because they hate door to door salesmen. So, when horde hunting, keep in mind that while every cave must be entered with extreeme caution: there is also a possibility that you might not find them sleeping in their cave when you want to.

Your First Horde

Now that you know where your chosen horde is, and you know their habits, and you have gathered everything that you can to fight them… it is time to kick that hornet’s nest.

Approach the horde at your preferred time and make sure that they actually are where you expect them to be. (Remember, they might not be in their cave in the middle of the day.)

Test Things First

Before you set your traps or rile things up too badly, you want to make a test run. Save at your bike, (If you can’t save there is an enemy too close to you.)

Now, get your longest range gun and shoot a few freakers from a good distance away. Rile them up and get some of them chasing you, then… RUN! Your goal is to test how far this horde will chase after you when you rile them up.

Note the path they take when they come after you, do they always go the same way around obsticles? How far until they give up the chase and head back to their den or feeding area?

There will be stragglers, so pick off as many of those as you can as you follow the horde back to their gathering point. Silenced weapons and your stealth knife kills help here.

Now You Know

You’re ready. You are as prepared as I can make you for this, so… time to do it.

Set out your traps if you have them, position bear traps where the freaks will run on the path. Careful that you set them where you will be able to re-arm the trap after you have caught a freaker in it.

Place proximity mines in strategic choke points, but be careful they are far enough apart not to trigger a domino effect.

And speaking of domino effects: line up gas cans leading back away from the proximity mine if you can. You want the freaks to pass the gas cans, then set off the proximity mine. This way the mine will blow up the gas can, burning more of the freaks as they rush toward the explosion.

Ready, Set, GO!

With everything set up, sneak to your chosen vantage point – somewhere that you can throw items at the horde and then run. Maybe a cliff overlooking them? On top of a building? Wherever you pick, make sure you can toss items into the area of the horde from there without them rushing for you before you’re ready.

If you have it, throw out an attractor or attractor bomb. As soon as the horde is gathered at the attractor start lobbing what throwables you can:

  • Molotovs
  • Pipe bombs
  • Grenades

If it explodes or does area-wide fire damage – toss it in there. You should be able to lob two or three items before the horde realizes where the destrution is being rained down on them from. Once they make the connection and head for you, take off running yourself!

Don’t wait for them to get to you, they’re faster than they look.

Repeat as Needed

Get to a safe distance and, same as before, pick off the few stragglers as you follow the horde back to their gathering point.

They might not go back where they were, however. The horde might head for their sleeping point if they were feeding, or perhaps to their water point. Just follow them to wherever they go and repeat the tactic of luring them together and lobbing thrown damagers into their midst.

You can shoot them as well, but make sure you save the gunfire for after the thrown items, because that alerts them to your position faster – even with silenced weapons.

Yes, You Can Resupply

It has been my experience that you can leave the area to resupply if you need to run out for more ammo or explosives. The horde will not respawn if left alone for a little while – at least I have not had one respawn while I was off buying bullets or getting healing supplies.

Let Me Know How This Worked

Share your experiences horde hunting in the comments. Was there a different method you used? Do you have tips for any specific hordes? Have you experienced any unique things?

Never Give Up

Using the same hit-n-run techniques like I outlined above, I have saved civilian’s trapped inside cars with a horde swarming all over the car the poor guy was locked in. You can not leave the area when someone is caught in a car, but you can circle around and hit the horde, run, repeat, until the horde has been defeated and the poor soul can get out of the car.

Let me know what your craziest horde moments were!

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