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Days Gone: Survivor Options [spoiler warning]

So, in Days Gone there are survivors that can be found hiding in cars and apparently ones that have been captured by bad guys. There are options for where you can send these survivors and after sending a few to one or the other of the two places I have unlocked as camps I decided I should look more into the options. I’m not sure I like either of these camps to be honest. The leader of one is an asshole and the leader of the other is borderline slave driver for a reason I can not make sense of yet.

So, I decided to look a bit more into things. Spoilers ahead!

It seems like there really is no difference on where the survivors are sent, it just changes how frindly the camp is and how many goodies I can buy for my bike or as weapons. One camp focuses on weapons, the other on my bike, and the third (which I have not yet found) focuses on both.

I had been concerned I might be strengthening one or the other to fight the other camp, but it looks, in the little I have poked about, like it has no long-term game effect other than the parts and weapons I can buy. I’ll keep going and sending them to whichever camp has what I need at the moment (bike upgrades for now), then I’ll see what happens later on and let you know if I discover that the game does have hidden consequences I am not yet aware of for where to send them.

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