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Camp Credits and Trust

The ecconomy in the world of Days Gone is camp credits that are specific to each encampment, earned in a variety of ways, and spent on differnt items depending on which camp Deacon is at. The same activies that earn camp credits often also earn Deacon more trust at the encampment.

Freaker Ear Bounties

Based on conversations between Deacon and Boozer at the start of the game, Freaker ears are one of the main sources of camp credits that Deacon and Boozer have relied on.

Each encampment has a booth with a bounty collector who will sort out and count any ears, crediting Deacon with an appropriate amount of credit at the camp’s mechanic or gun merchant based on the type and quantity of ears Deacon delivers.

The game is unclear on the finer details, but since Deacon only collects one ear from each Freaker, it is likely that either ears are counted as sets or only the left or right is accepted for a bounty.

Bounty Hunts

From time to time an encampment will call upon Deacon to take care of something that requires a man of his skills. Often it is to track down someone that has attacked the encampment or stolen something from it.

Deacon earns both credits and trust at the encampments for completing these side missions.

Survivor Refferals

It can be dangerous out in the open world of Days Gone, and Deacon occassionally comes across people who are staring into the dark possibility of immenent death. If Deacon manages to rescue these people they can easily be convinced to seek safety at one of the encampments.

Each encampment offers a differnt reward for Deacon sending a survivor their way; credits, trust, or both.

Clearing out infestations and other dangers

It is not only beneficial to Deacon to clear an area of threats, such as maurauder camps and Freaker nests, it also earns him trust and/or credits at whatever encampment is in the area.

Food Supplies

The encampments all struggle in one way or another to keep their people fed, which means that Deacon can earn trust and credits by delivering food items to the camp kitchens.

Various meats from wolves, deer, or bears can be donated, as can flowers, berries, and mushrooms that Deacon can collect in the wild.

Note: berries, flowers, and mushrooms can also be used to make the various cocktails Deacon can use. It is a good idea to either craft all you can of those items first, or donate stacks or single items rather than donating all foodstuff in bulk drops at the kitchens.

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