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Freaker Virus

The Freaker Virus is a virus that infected people in the world of Days Gone. Details about the virus can be discovered during the main story and through the discovery of micro recorders or by listening to some conversations between non-player characters at encampments.

The virus has caused most of the population to become deformed “freaks” that aggressively attack others. Members of the same type of freaker seem to get along, but there are some stronger or weaker ones that either prey on or are preyed upon by other types of freakers.

While freakers seem to prefer the taste of a living human, they will feed on wild animals and the dead, even other freakers that have died or are weaker than them. The main source of food for freakers are mass burial sites where those who died in the early stages of the outbreak were buried. Freakers will gather at such locations in hoards that can number in the low hundreds, moving between the burial site and a nearby water source at night and taking shelter somewhere nearby during the day.

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